The infamous blog mention…

Okay I can’t help myself.  I think I have to put myself in the narcissist boat along with Sarah.  Here’s her lovely, delightful and dance inspiring mention of SDD in her personal blog.

In other news, thanks to my newfound addiction to Twitter—thanks to everyone who found me there (I’m at sarahdessen), I am no longer unfollowed or unfollowing—-I discovered what is probably the ultimate in narcissism, at least for me: The Sarah Dessen Diarist. This is a website (and podcast!) put together by a very devoted Australian reader, and I would lying if I did not admit that I have been very much enjoying her breakdown of Lock and Key, chapter by chapter, thus far. I MAY have also downloaded the podcast, although I am not willing to admit it, just yet. Okay, fine. I did. At any rate, it’s very cool to see someone take such time and depth with the book, and for me, it’s like getting to read over someone’s shoulder, seeing their reactions as they go, which for an author is either terrifying or wonderful. This is the latter. I am very flattered.

If you haven’t discovered Twitter yet, then shame on you. It’s the newest, addictive social networking and time wasting craze around. Like Sarah said, you can find her twittter account by placing sarahdessen, one word, into the twitter search function. You can find The Sarah Dessen Diarist at S_DessenDiarist for news about blog and podcast uploads. Jump on the craze and become a black belt in procrastination like me!

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