Casting…The Truth About Forever

You have three days to suggest who you think should be cast as the main characters in the non-existant movie,  The Truth About Forever! Those that are the best suggestions will be announced on the podcast.

So who should play…
* Macy
* Wes
* Kristy
* Monica
* Bert
* Jason
* Delia
* Deborah Queen
* Caroline


49 thoughts on “Casting…The Truth About Forever

  1. Kellie says:

    Okay well the actors I am listing are people who I see in my head when I read the book…because when I read a book it is like a mini-movie in my head…sometimes they look totally different than the descriptions in the book but here it goes. (there is also a link for each actor posted.)
    Macy- Emma Roberts (with brown hair) or Aleis Bledel
    Wes- Ryan Gosling
    Kristy- Kate Hudson or Keira Knightley
    Monica- michelle trachtenberg
    Bert- Toby Maguire
    Jason- David Archuletta …(i know he sings but he looks so nerdy!)
    Delia- I couldnt find anyone that looked like I imagened but felicity huffman (if she dyed her hair brown)
    Deborah Queen- Lisa Kudrow or Candice Bergen
    Caroline- Anne Hathaway
    Anyways I know they arent the best but this is who I think could work.

  2. Kellie says:

    Sorry I meant Alexis Bledel as Macy (not Aleis) and I forgot to put links for each actor. Ok bye!

  3. Emily says:

    Macy- Emily Lazar
    Wes- Tony Oller or jackson Rathbone
    Kristy- Laura Bell Bundy
    Monica- A nobody
    Bert- A nobody
    Delia- Isla Fisher
    Deborah- heather Locklear
    Caroline- niki reed

  4. Kristina Anderson says:

    i know this is kind of late, but i want to think of my own.:)
    Macy-Emily Osment
    Wes-I haven’t seen him in a while, but I believe that Jake Richardson would do well.
    Kristy-Hayden Panettiere
    Monica-MAYbe..Lindsey Lohan?
    Bert-Collin Cole
    Jason-Daniel Kennedy
    Delia-Farah Fath(and an addition, John-Paul Lavoisier could play her husband because they’re dating in real life and have good chemistry.)
    Deborah-Kassie DePaiva
    Caroline-Ashley Tisdale

  5. Amy says:

    Macy- Um… not sure
    Wes- Dustin Milligan
    Kristy- Kat Dennings
    Monica- Hm… not sure
    Bert- Shia Laboeuf
    Delia- Not sure again
    Jason- Adam Brody
    Deborah- Merlora Hardin
    Caroline- Not sure again

    Sorry, this was late.

  6. lexi says:

    there’s a movie? whens it comin out? thats cool… the book was great

  7. BMara says:

    macy-romola garai
    wes-jeson behr(young version…:)
    kristy-emily de ravin
    monica-amber tamblyn
    Bert-i don’t know…
    delia-toni collette
    jason-johnatan jackson(also young version)
    deborah-sharon stone
    caroline-kate hudson

  8. Mariana says:

    Macy: Emma Roberts
    Wes: Matt Lanter (I think he is the perfect Wes)
    Kristy: Kristen Stroms
    Monica: Amanda Seyfred
    Jason: Lucas Grabeel
    And the others… mm Im not sure

  9. Rachel says:

    I loved that book- it honestly needs to be a movie!!!!

    Macy should be Alexis Bledel
    Wes (and i stand strong on this one) should definitely be Matt Lanter
    Kristy should be Nikki Reed
    Monica should be Amber Tamblyn
    Bert should be collin cole 🙂
    Jason should be Michael Angarano
    Delia should be Reese Witherspoon (i honestly don’t know..oh well)
    Deborah should be Margaret Colin
    Caroline should be Blake Lively

    • Rachel says:

      I loved that book- it honestly needs to be a movie!!!!

      Macy should be Alexis Bledel
      Wes (and i stand strong on this one) should definitely be Matt Lanter
      Kristy should be Nikki Reed
      Monica should be Amber Tamblyn
      Bert should be collin cole 🙂
      Jason should be Michael Angarano
      Delia should be Reese Witherspoon (i honestly don’t know..oh well)
      Deborah should be Margaret Colin
      Caroline should be Blake Lively

      Oh and just to add on I think that Becky should be Mischa Barton 😛

  10. angel says:

    i seriously think wes should be Jared Padalecki

  11. Ashley says:

    Macy- Emily Osment
    Wes- Taylor Lautner
    Kristy- Ashley Greene
    Monica-Anne Hathaway
    Bert-Freddie Highmore
    Jason- Lucas Grabeel
    Delia- Julia Roberts
    Deborah-Cameron Diaz
    Caroline-Ashley Tisdale

  12. lexie says:

    Macy-kristin stewart Wes-tom welling! Kristy-rachel mcadams Monica-Amber tamblyn Bert-an unknown jason-zac efron because he is a loser too Delia- toni collette deborah-jennifer aniston caroline-i dont know

  13. Ashley says:

    I love the book! I really hope they make it into a movie. When I was reading it I got attached to the book and when I got to the end I was upset. I was hopeing that Sarah Dessen could make a second book. I really wanna see what happens next.

  14. Jessica says:

    Macy-Emily osment
    Wes-tony oller adam brody matt lanter
    Kristy-blake lively
    Monica-kat denning
    Bert-Collin cole
    Jason-lucas grbel
    Delia-Julia roberts
    Deborah-melora hardin
    caroline-kate hudson

  15. Lilly says:

    Kristy- Amanda BYnes
    Monica- Kriten Stewart
    Macy- Mandy Moore
    Wes- No one can play the part of Wes!

  16. Lilly says:

    Oh… I thought of a good Wes… MArtin Johnson!!!

  17. monica says:

    macy-hayden panettiere
    wes-chace crawford
    kristy-ashley tisdale
    monica-kristen stewart
    and i dont know about the rest.

  18. candy says:

    macy-either dakota fanning or amanda seyfried
    kristy- taylor swift
    wes-….humm best i cn come up wit, Sean Faris.

  19. ... says:


  20. Kelsey says:

    Wes- Paul Wesley
    Bert-Spencer Breslin
    Jason- Michael Welch

  21. Kelsey says:


    Caroline- Bethany Joy Galeotti
    Delia- Moira Kelly

  22. Madi says:

    * Macy-hayden panettiere
    * Wes-Sean Faris
    * Kristy-Kate Hudson
    * Monica-Amber tamblyn
    * Bert-Shia Laboeuf
    * Jason-Lucas Grabeel
    * Delia-felicity huffman with brown hair
    * Deborah Queen-Cameron Diaz
    * Caroline-Nikki Reed

  23. Stephanie Scales says:

    * Macy – Brittany Robertson
    * Wes – Steven R. McQueen
    i kept on thinking off Matt Lanter too.
    * Kristy – Alona Tal
    * Monica – Amber Heard
    * Bert – Rafi Gavron
    * Jason – Beau Mirchoff .. he’s obviously a little more better looking then the character i think lol
    * Delia – Julia Roberts
    * Deborah Queen – Melora Hardin
    * Caroline – Minka Kelley

  24. Helen says:

    Wes – Matt Czuchry

    I really think they should make a movie, I thought the book was really good. Does anyone know of any other books that are similar to this one?

  25. Juli says:

    Macy- Dianna Argon
    Wes- Matt Lanter
    Kristy- Alona Tal
    Monica- Troian Bellisario
    Bert- Collin Cole
    Delia- Kate Winslet
    Deborah- Elizabeth Banks
    Caroline- Blake Lively
    Jason- Ed Westwick

  26. BookWorm says:

    I’m not a fan of twilight, and I’m not gung ho over Taylor Lautner, but I always pictured him as being Wes. I think he could play the part brilliantly. As for the other characters, I’m not sure.

  27. Jane Long says:

    Sorry this is very late but i think this will be perfect!
    •macy-lucy hale
    •wes-landon pigg
    •kristy-crystal hubt
    •monica-michelle trachtenberg
    •bert-spencer breslin
    •jason-matt long
    •delia- farah fath
    •deborah queen- candice bergen
    •caroline-Torrey devitto

  28. Shannon says:

    Macy- Emma Roberts
    Wes- Robert Sheehan
    Kristy-Kaya Scodelario
    Monica- A nobody
    Bert- Spencer Breslin
    Jason- not sure
    Delia-Lauren Graham
    Deborah Queen- Candice bergen
    Caroline- Torrey Devitto

  29. Me says:

    Macy- Dianna Agron
    Wes- Taylor Lautner
    Kristy- Heather Morris
    Monica- Taylor Momsen
    Bert- Boo boo Stewart
    Jason- Lucas Grabeel (sorry I incorporated a disney person but i had no other ideas, but he’s a good fit)
    Delia- Brooke Sheilds
    Deborah- Gwyneth Paltrow
    Caroline- Torrey Devito

  30. rachel says:

    Macy- lucy hale, selena gomez, rachel bilsen or emma roberts
    Wes- Hayden Christensen or Logan Lerman
    kristy- Ashley Greene
    Jason Logan Lerman
    Delia- Holly Marie Combs
    caroline- Torrey DeVitto
    Deborah- Melora Hardin
    Bert- Brendan Robinson
    monica-Ashley Benson

  31. Mimi says:

    I don’t think anyone can play the part of Wes,
    He has tone gorgeous and fit, with tousled hair, no beard, gahh the list godson and on

  32. Raven says:

    * Macy-kristen bell
    * Wes-ben barnes
    * Kristy-diana agron
    * Monica-brittany snow
    * Bert-avan jogia
    * Jason-gregg sulkin
    * Delia-natalie portman
    * Deborah Queen-julia roberts
    * Caroline-kate hudson

  33. laura says:

    wes- matt lanter is my first choice but if not him chase crawford
    macy- dakota fanning
    Kristy- blake lively
    monica- Kat Denning
    Deborah- cameron diaz
    caroline- Amanda Seyfried
    Delia- isla fisher
    bert- angus t. jones
    jason- zach roerig

  34. Kelsie says:

    Wes: Jake Abel
    Macy: Lucy Hale
    Monica: Alyson Stoner
    Kristy: Kay Panabaker
    Delia: Jennifer Morison
    Bert: Micheal Anagaro
    Jason: Chris Colfer
    Caroline: Bethany Joy Galeotti

  35. sia says:

    Macy: hayden panettiere
    & Wes: Matt Lanter, chase crawford or ben barnes!

  36. katelin says:

    Macy: Skyler Samuels (the girl from the Nine Lives of Chloe King)
    Wes: Tom Welling or Chase Crawford*
    Jason: Colton Haynes (Jackson from Teen Wolf)
    Bert: Dylan O’Brien (Stiles from Teen Wolf)
    Monica: Kat Dennings
    Delia: Melissa Ponzio (Scott’s mom from Teen Wolf)
    Deborah: Melora Hardin
    Caroline: Blake Lively
    Kristy: Katie Cassidy

    *i understand that tom welling is 34 and skyler samuels is 17 and that would be weird but he looks young and he’s who i pictured as wes.
    -haha and i know there are a lot of teen wolf people

  37. Kylie says:

    macy-meaghan ,artin
    wes- kyle burns (obviously he’d have to dye his hair) or mitchel musso
    bert-one of the sprouse twins?
    monica-katie leclerc
    delia- constance marie
    deborah-josie bissett
    caroline- spencer grammer
    kristy-skyler samuels

  38. amber says:

    The book was so good. not to change the subject but are they going to make amovie or not.

  39. lttaf says:

    You should have aaron johnson as wes ? maybe?

  40. Patra says:

    Wes – definitely Thomas McDonell! I was really thinking Ben Barnes was perfect,
    until I remembered Thomas when he was playing his cute role in the PROM movie. Oh my God, super perfect Wes!

    Macy – I really don’t know. Maybe AnnaSophia Robb? I’m not even sure with that. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter. Lol.

  41. Abbie says:

    Macy- not sure
    Wes- Drew Roy or Zayn Malik
    Kristy- Miley Cyrus
    Monica- Kristen Stewart
    Bert- Spencer Breslin
    Delia- Andie MacDowell or Lisa Kudrow (w/ dark hair)
    Jason- Andrew Garfield
    Deborah- Charlize Theron
    Caroline- Blake Lively or Scarlett Johansson

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