Lock and Key – Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Shopping. Unlike the vast majority of the members of my sex I am not the keenest of shoppers.  Early morning sales give me the heeby jeebies and school holidays are my equivalent to hell.  The thought of getting up early to man a jewellery stall run by a manic red head doesn’t sound all that joyful.  I would rather be in bed.  I agree with Ruby, it is excessive.  But the bazillions of people were waiting to get in wanted that sweet feeling of buying something at a bargain price.  It’s like watching the news the day after Boxing Day and seeing people trample one another to get to the cheapest ironing board.  Sure it’s shallow but it’s also a competition and people want to win.

Harriet having consumed three cups of coffee is a scary proposition.  It’s like giving Robin Williams speed, never a great idea.  Reggie’s comment –

“I kind of like the bustle.”

It made my heart glow a little cause we all know the ‘bustle’ didn’t refer to the customers and had everything to do with the red-headed minx he is besotted with.  Awwww.  Harriet’s quick run down of everything needed to be known for selling and for the emergency exit was cute to read but this woman would drive me nuts in reality. 

Just prior to the customers flooding in Harriet reveals her new design. 

“It was silver and delicate, dotted with red stones, and hundred from a braided silver chain around her neck.  Instantly, I was aware of my own key, which was bulky and not nearly as beautiful.  But even so, seeing this one, I understood why I’d gotten so many comments on it.”

There is something compelling about a single key.  In my mind it symbolises loneliness, emptiness and sadness.  It also shows strength.  It kind of describes Ruby. I am glad Ruby recognised it’s beauty and had no problem endorsing its sale for Harriet.  All of the designs are varied with different stones, sizes and the unadorned.  These key necklaces drew people’s attention and they end up selling fifteen of the twenty necklaces.  Harriet offers Ruby one of the necklaces in thanks for the inspiration but she defers.  She’s not ready to replace her old keepsake.  It is then that Ruby discovers –

“…The key wasn’t just to that lock at the yellow house.  It was to me, and the life I’d had before.”

Maybe it’s time to leave the past in the past?

Nate and Ruby’s first meeting post-parental abuse scene is relatively normal.  I was expecting awkwardness just like Ruby was, but I should have realised by now that Nate sweeps things aside.  He’s fantastic as making situations look perfect whether it’s a client’s house or his own life, everything had its place. 

There is something weird going on with Gervais and I am beginning to think it is more than a crush.  I would find him astonishingly annoying.  Was he sniffing her hair in that car?  If so, that is stalkerish and really, really weird. 

Ruby is finding it more and more difficult to keep Nate at a distance.  She’s trying but like she noted ‘it wasn’t so easy to stop something once it had started’.  She’s interested in him and now she can’t help but feel that way.  It reminds me of my first love, after an unsuccessful year of pining I decided to confess my love for him and get it off my chest.  I was really lucky that he was sweet about it but afterward, having moved on, I still found myself looking for him the cafeteria or turning my head when I heard his voice.  What I am saying is, some of it is automatic.  There is no on or off switch.

Ruby’s tailing Nate on his many errands for his father’s business.  They are spending more and more time with one another.  Macaroon shopping too.  Does Sarah have a particular liking for macaroons or is she just proving social commentary on the exorbitant price of Belgian macaroons?  I love that in an attempt to avoid the changing vibe between them, that Nate and Ruby focus their attentions of the love lives of Harriet and Reggie.  Ruby’s voicing of her guesses at Harriet’s fears –

“I think she’s just scared… You know, getting hurt.  Putting herself out there, opening up for someone.

Does this sound like someone we know? The Pot is calling the jewellery making kettle black.  Ruby’s fears about her upbringing and her past ruining her chance for prospective happiness is really telling of her current state of mind.  No wonder she is so terrified of putting herself out there.  No wonder she chose The Douche.  Thank goodness she has Nate, even if only as a friend. 

“…What did he want me to do, just come out and admit it would never work between us because it was too hard to care about anyone, much less someone I had to worry about?”

Wow.  She’s finally being honest with herself.  I like it, I like it a lot.

I love the way Olivia helps train her sister.  Through threats and verbal abuse.  Very sisterly.  I think I have heard Olivia’s words come out of my mouth and fly out towards my own sister.  Except that we don’t run.  I find it difficult to think that after training two months that Laney’s times haven’t improve one iota.  She must really suck at running if that is the case.  Sisters, especially big sisters, are always present for the reality check.  I like Ruby pushing the boundaries with Olivia, asking why she took a chance on her and became friends.  I like Olivia’s take on why they work –

“…When you find one person who gets a couple of things, especially if they’re important ones…you might as well hold on to them.  You know?”

This applies to Nate and Ruby’s friendship to, whether or not she wishes to apply it that way.  (And crap I just realised that Laney is Olivia’s cousin. Between that slip and forgetting which sport’s team Nate was on earlier in this blog series you must be wondering how I am actually taking anything away from this book.)

“Sharing something could take you a long way, or at least to a different place than you planned.  Like friendship or a family, or even just alone on a curb on a Saturday, trying to get your bearings as best you can.”

I love that Ruby seeing Jamie in swim wear was a sign of the apocalypse.  Not only are they swimming but they are sneaking into the Cross’ backyard.  Cora and Jamie have a wild side.  I wonder if they are going to skinny-dip.  Nope, they are not that brave.  It’s the first genuine family thing that Cora, Jamie, Roscoe and Ruby do together and it’s very calming and reassuring to me.  That they can do this and be happy in the moment.  They are making progress…together.

Nate busts Ruby in her fence jumping escapade. By inviting him into the pool and him agreeing she had narrowed the space between them.  Particularly when he is shirtless and as built as he is.  It’s like waving a chocolate bar in front of a starving person.  They are close to one another and partially clothed.  Oooh the temptation.  Then he gentle holds her necklace and talks about how weird it is for him to see other people wearing it.  That the necklace was the first thing he noticed about her, that he associates it wth her alone.  Then he plants a kiss on her.  Finally!  Then he takes her hand and I can’t help but think of Cora’s offering hers in the same way, as a lifeline. 

Jamie in a Santa suit?  I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined it and yet I am very intrigued.  His obsession to detail gives me the giggles though and I really enjoy the bickering between Cora and Jaime.   I love his enthusiasm for tradition but the man would drive me nuts.  Although delivering presents to neighbours is a lovely (if a little expensive) idea.

Ruby quickly drops by the Cross house to give a gift for Nate and his father.  Nate is anxious, distracted and basically hustles Ruby out the door.  She can hear Mr Cross on one of his rants and yet she doesn’t bring it to Jamie’s attention, even though she should.  Sometimes doing the right thing is the hardest thing of all.  She hated the Honeycutt’s for reporting her situation to the authorities and she doesn’t want Nate to feel that way toward her.  She stuck between a rock and a hard place.


A Note from Adele

The podcast for chapters 7-9 is now available for download.  A podcast for chapters 10-12 will be available in the next 24 hours.  unfortunately I had to wait for the weekend to catch up.  I am also recording two episodes for Greek Speak – my podcast on the ABC Family show Greek – also available on iTunes.  Cappie Forever!

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3 thoughts on “Lock and Key – Chapter 12

  1. lilian says:

    excuse im wondering what page do nate and ruby kiss in lock and key?

  2. lilian says:

    excuse im wondering what page do nate and ruby kiss in lock and key? please respond.

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