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Along for the Ride Signing

The fantastically awesome Khy from the YA review blog, Frenetic Reader, videotaped some of the signing in LA.  She also managed to do something truly magical for me and I have to admit to having watched it 4 times.  If this blog makes Sarah feel like the ultimate narcissist, then my actions make me the uber-narcissist.

Enjoy Sarah reading of some of the book plus her answers to some audience questions.


Two Little Dicky Birds

I don’t normally pimp anything on this site that isn’t a book…I am making an exception today. Way back when I was at college and lived in a residential hall, I met a girl called Kate. Now Kate was sweet, bubbly and undeniably talented. She is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. I haven’t spoken to her since college but have loosely kept track of her on facebook (no stalking, I promise). So this isn’t me pushing my bosom buddy onto you. I just believe she’s a talent to be reckoned with.

Of late, Kate has been experiencing a lot of success with her music. She’s won some awards and scholarships and is collaborating with some awesome musicians. The thing is…she’s applying for the Shure Creative Award so that she can then get a scholarship for the Professional Diploma in Songwriting course at The Institute of Contemporary Performance, in London.

She needs votes and I am asking, that should you love her jazzish sound, that you might drop by the site and vote for her:)

You can vote here.


I am sorry for my little hiatus one chapter from the end. I am an evil, evil woman. I have actually been waiting on my friend to return Just Listen or see the arrival of Along for the Ride. Neither of these circumstances have occured. I think I thought that if I pulled the brakes on Keeping the Moon, everything might magically reconvene. My bad.

I have been busy though. Over at my general YA blog, Persnickety Snark (link in the blogroll to your right) I have been attempting to read a book a day and review it. It’s a week long goal and I am five days in, five days successful. My eyes are about to kill me though.

Here are the links to the books I have reviewed:
Paper Towns – John Green (Saturday)
Red– Ed. Amy Goldwasser (Sunday)
Frenemies – Alexa Young (Monday)
Going Too Far– Jennifer Echols (Tuesday) AMAZING BOOK
Crossing the Lines – Di Bates

Two more books and then I am done. Back to 2-3 books a week! Please do check out the reviews and tell me if you agree or even if you want to check it out now.

Coming…podcasts. They will happen.

Good News

According to a rep at Penguin USA, I will be sent an ARC of Along for the Ride soon-ish.  Looks like my seven emails to two different national offices paid off…eventually!

I will cover Along for the Ride as soon as I get it.  If it’s not here before I complete Keeping the Moon, I will respond to Just Listen next (I think this is the more probable scenario).

Which novel next?

As I am wrapping up the last few chapters of The Truth About Forever, I would like you to vote for which novel is next.

Unfortunately my copies of Just Listen and Dreamland are being read by friends so you have three to choose between.  I actually think it is entirely appropriate that after blogging about three of SD’s more recent works that I should go back to the start.  So what’s it to be?

Persnickety Snark



So I am totally excited about my “new” project. It’s called Persnickety Snark (summerises my personality whilst also sounding like Wolverine when he unsheaths his claws) and it’s a place where I can review other authors and perhaps interview a couple.  I am really excited about this as I love sharing my perspectives on pretty much everything.

It will be a collaborative site as my students (under my direction) and others will be contributing reviews of YA literature. I am planning on highlighting some Aussie authors, contemporary YA work and the good old classics. If you someone who loves reading the YA bloggers reviews but don’t have the time to run your own blog, then consider submitting a review of your own (200ish words).

I will also be creating an accompanying podcast where contributors can give their two cents worth.  I have already received some interest from other bloggers that you know and love. I have a person who will cover the comic and graphic novel side of things but what I really want is you!  It will be accessible via iTunes, the blog and another site and updated every two weeks. 

I am currently looking for ‘audio columnists or reviewers’ to commit to producing 2-3 mins once a month.  You can also think of contributing as a one-off, it can be a book that you are really passionate about or one that was a disappointment.  Think about recording a mp3/wav file (2-3 mins) giving your review of a YA novel and send it in. If you are iffy on the tech side, don’t worry, I can walk you through that.

If you have a great name suggestion for the podcast, please hit me with it. I am floundering a little on the creative naming.

I would love if you dropped by the new blog.  Currently there is only a single review (give me some time.)  I will continue to blog chapter responses here.  The two blogs will run co-currently.  Click on the banner to get to the new blog or click here.



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Adele’s Guide to Book Hunting

I have signed up to tackle the VC Andrews Challenge (click on the banner to your left) head on and wandered out into the world to buy some secondhand VCA books yesterday.  For years I have seen these books populate dusty shelves in the stores I love and yet yesterday, I got nothing. Yes that is correct, Adelaide seems to be lacking in incestual romantic dramas.  I am beyond words right now.

I was flabberghasted and still am.  I simply could not believe it.  I hit some of the major booksellers and couldn’t really justify spending Flowers in the Attic for $20.  I love you Steph, but I simply couldn’t do it.  Instead I bought three books recommended to me by a whole host of sites, including the Cybils.

So what did I get to soothe my VCA-berefit, ravaged soul?


Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

I loved how much life, vitality and kick-ass attitude is embedded in this book.  I felt like I was chatting with a girlfriend as it was honestly a really (for lack of a better word) sparky read.  Audrey is the girl I would love to have been in high school, or even now.  I loved the friendship between Audrey and Victoria and hearing that Robin based the BF on her own BF, Adriana, was beautifully evident.

Mainly I loved me some James.  I think I related to him the most of all the characters.  Everytime I hear ‘Butter Pecan’ I will think of him.

I really enjoyed it and now am off to download the playlist and check out Robin’s website some more.


Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

I studied Children’s Literature at uni and at no point was this novel every listed or discussed.  From all accounts it seems very highly regarded and decorated so I thought I would purchase it.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the striking tree and face cover but this one except in bright pink with black writing.  Wholly unsuitable in my mind.

I think Anderson’s style is something that made me uncomfortable, which is fitting when you think of the character and the event that changed her.  Such short, choppy paragraphs made it difficult to involve myself but I think that was the point.  Most of the time I felt like I was walking through a laundanum dream, forced to drift through Melinda’s passive existance.  Only the scenes when IT appear did the page jump, Melinda recoiling and clenching in his presence.  I think this book is highly effective, powerful but to be honest I don’t know if I want to read it again.   Does that make me horrible?


Looking for Alaska by John Green

I was looking for Paper Towns as I have seen several people on LiveJournal gushing over it.  I have started reading Alaska and really enjoy what I have taken in so far.  His style is so very easy to read, his images easy to conjure up and mostly importantly, the laughs come easily too.

I love the characters so far and their fabulous names – Pudge, The Colonel, Alaska and Takumi.  I can’t wait to delve back into the pages, buy his other books and check out, which sounds like an absolute scream.

So far my favourite scene has to be The Colonel getting kicked out the basketball game, taking pride in his many bootings from the games.

I tried valiantly to get my hands on Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher but Australian booksellers tend to mine the traditional YA author well with sprinklings of Aussie YA authors.  I think it’s time to invoke  You don’t believe me, it took me three stores to find the three books above and I had a list of ten books.  These three were the only ones I could find.  Sigh.

I think I need to return my Book Hunter card.  Who I am to give advice?

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VC Andrews ‘Read the Good Trash’ Movement

The VC Andrews ‘Read the Good-Trash’ Movement movement is the initiative of Steph and Taren for the purpose of awesomeness and randomness, two of my favourite things in life.  It’s also about acquainting a whole bunch of new readers to the joy of reading VC Andrew’s genius and very good trash. 

I have decided to raise my hand and read eleven of the twenty-six novels listed, detailing my thoughts on each.  Click on the banner should you want to get the exact details but know that I have decided to become an active member of the YA lit blogger community and contribute. 

Wanna join me in trashy goodness?  These books are freely available in used book stores and they are good trashy.  (If I were to differentiate between good and bad trashy I would give the example of VC Andrews books as good and Kiss My Book by Jamie Michaels as just plain trash.)

Go and pour through some shelves in your library or used book store and discover the brilliance of incest and arsenic!

For some extra encouargement here is one of my fave author’s detailing her proposed involvement in the challenge.  How many times can I say I love Melissa Walker?  (Check out I Heart Daily!!)


I love seeing things in a different way. The intent of this site was the create a place where you might experience Sarah Dessen’s novels through a fresh perspective. I always find it quite jolting to hear a cover of a much loved song. Or even a song that is popular and revamped.

I have posted some covers I have mosied across for your (hopeful) enjoyment. Have you got one you’d recommend?

Lily Allen’s caberetesque Womanizer (Britney Spears)

Leila Broussard’s folksy Single Ladies (Beyonce)

All Time Low with a punked up Umbrella

30 Rock Cast with their version of Midnight Train to Georgia

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This Lullaby – YouTube Vids

Every now and then I type Sarah’s name into the YouTube search engine to see what new computerised book reports or trailers have been created. 

This is what I found this time around –

Credit to them for acting it out without the use of sock puppets lol. Seriously though, I need to learn how to make videos like this.

Another interesting video I came across, crossed the storyline from This Lullaby with some Disney actors from Hannah Montana.  I was confused.  I chose not to post it.