Keeping the Moon – Chapter 14

The Big Dinner is soon approaching but Nelson and Colie are relegated to running the Last Chance when Morgan’s a no-show. I know she’s grieving her relationship but she still has responsibilities. Suck it up and get your butt to work! Morgan’s wallowing and using the safety net of her friendship with Isabel to vent her anger. It’s not fair and she really should get over it. She has every right to be uber-peeved but she’s being an idiot. Heartsick or heartbroken, I might be being insensitive but the signs were there and she should stop punishing those who support her.

I love the ridiculousness that Mira believes a card might help. Actually if someone gave me a dead hamster card it would most probably make me laugh. I do love the idea of Heartbreak Diet line of cards though.

I like that Isabel made some headway in convincing Colie that she made herself beautiful, not the makeover.

Moon Food. Okay that is just plain adorable…or should I say adorkable? Cooking on a single hotplate? That’s brave, skilful and just crazy.

It’s so sad that Norman’s father has never seen that fantastic portrait of himself, especially as the portrait is very much about the essence of the man. His origins and his strengths are all on display. Yet this is the man who has been so careless with his son’s talents and desires. How frustrating.

“Oh, my God…Is this how you see me?”
“Colie…That’s how you are.”


I am really resentful of Morgan’s empowerment in the moment of the Norman/Colie kiss. How dare she have a break through in that moment! That being said she chose the perfect iconic song to rock out to. Isabel and Morgan are reunited and all is right with the world.
I love the revelation that everyone looks ridiculous dancing because it’s true…unless you’ve been training for bazillions of years.

2 thoughts on “Keeping the Moon – Chapter 14

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  2. shaila says:

    What was the name of the rock song they dance to, to get over their problems again?

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