Casting – Dexter and Remy

adam-brody-400ds0621So I continue to be a horrible blogger but thanks to the suggestion of Bee, I have my Dexter and Remy.  While I am not too fond of Adam Brody, I understand that he makes a great choice for Dexter (and it’s not a Jonas brother so colour me happy).  There are similarities between the character of Seth from The OC and Dexter.  I do believe a reader said that Sarah once remarked on this but I cannot find where this occured – anyone want to help an overworked blogger out? 

olivia_wildeBee also suggested Olivia Wilde as Remy and I definitely see that.  I cannot stand her as 13 on House but she definitely has that coolness, that removed sensibility about her.  Boys would also find her difficult to resist.  Both of these actors are too old to play Dexter and Remy but agism doesn’t apply to Hollywood teens, does it?  I also suggest that Bee might have a slight fascination with The OC, as both were on it at one stage.  She kindly refered me to this youtube video featuring Brody and Wilde.

Anyone want to suggest some more casting?  Or sub in for the next chapter response?  Leave a comment or email me at

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24 thoughts on “Casting – Dexter and Remy

  1. YoungMomma says:

    Cute. I agree that they are both too old, but nice options. I think Olivia maybe is too sharp faced for Remy… I picture her a little more soft. Not by much though.

  2. Jade10141 says:

    I like Olivia , but I agree that Adam looks too old.

  3. BW02 says:

    the moment dexter was described for the very first time, I thought ADAM BRODY.
    ahha and I know they’re like 17’ish or something, but I don’t think adam brody’s too old at all.

    I mean, if people actually casted highschoolers, as highschoolers, I wouldn’t be satisfied, seeing as they would deem too young in my eyes

    I wish remy and dexter got together.
    the ending of THIS LULLABY was sort of bittersweet. a little more sweet than bitter, but you know.

    I am now resorting to FANFICS where they do end up together ahha.

  4. megan cox says:

    is This Lullaby going to be made into a movie?!

  5. Auden says:

    Umm, Remy and Dexter did get together at the end.. did you not read the book? They clearly are together, read it agian.

  6. Stephany says:

    I think they shouldn’t look for people who are already famous or somewhat known and maybe take a chance with aspiring actors or people with a pasion to want to start in the business but don’t know quite how. a casting call for anyone not relaying too much on resumes & more on what you see in the auditions. I mean what better way to start than to be a movie based on a sarah dessen book! dream come true I’d say.. well at least for me 🙂

  7. Elaina says:

    I always saw Remy as Kristen Bell. Olivia is unnaturally gorgeous like out of this world. I’d like a more girl next door pretty for Remy

  8. Alle says:

    I think that Remy needs to be a brunette and Adam is cute but maybe a bit too old for the movie they aren’t adults

  9. Elaina says:

    Well they kinda are adults. granted young college students but technically adults lol.
    We can’t have like a 30 year old but If the person can pass as a 18 to an 20 year old than its all good.

  10. chrissy says:

    i like adam brody as dexter cuz he has that hot but nerdy look and yea olivia is gorgeous too byt for remy i was thinking mika boorem and shes closer to her age??

  11. Mariana says:

    Adam Brody would be the perfect Dexter and for Remy I really like Kristen Bell….

    Im sorry I cant avoid being curious… is just I really dont know how they look… What would be the casting for Just Listen???

  12. Di says:

    Did you know Olivia Wilde’s character on House is named Dr. REMY Hadley, a.k.a. 13.

    Just thought I should point that out

  13. areti says:

    adam brody is ausome. i like him very much

  14. mia says:

    Remy should remain blonde thanks.

    And Remy and Dexter do end up together. If you read Just Listen they make a rather noticeable cameo.

    R&D forever 🙂

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  17. Maria says:

    holaa amo a adam!!!!!!!!!!!!! viejo y mas viejo tadavia lo amo igual

  18. Cori says:

    I kinda pictured Dexter as the kid who played Moose on Step Up 2

  19. Clairee says:

    I know ppl are gonna hate me for this, cuz she’s from twilight, but trust me, I’m not a fan 🙂 haha I just think that Kristen Stewart with blonde hair is exactly what I imagined Remy to be like. I also like her voice for the character.

    Nooo Idea for Dexter tho

  20. Chloe says:

    I’ve always thought the band Plain White T’s reminded me of Truth Squad. Even the lead singer, Tom, makes me think of Dexter. Although Tom’s nose is way too big. Dexter would be more perfect looking.

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  23. Miley says:

    Remy and Dexter Do end up together, they are having a long distance relationship! :3 x3

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