Lock and Key – Chapter 20 – The End

Chapter 20

This is my last chapter response for the Lock and Key blog series.  Wow –  it has gone pretty quickly.  As I was re-reading my past entries (and gasping over my shocking editing), I found myself amazed.  This has been a great endeavour for me, sharing my love of a good book and a talented author.  I have some regular responders and from all appearances, some regular readers too.  I was also a little pole axed to see that the podcast gets a surprising amount of downloads, why you’d want to hear an Australian detailing her random thoughts, I’m not really that sure?  It did start me thinking though, should I continue with the podcast or just stick with the blog?

Okay onto the final five pages.  I predict this will be an ending I am satisfied with.  A situation where everything isn’t necessary detailed and there is still room for some imagination.  The kind of ending that will leave me more satisfied than a novel with a detail ridden, thread tying epilogue.  (Sorry I think I still have issues regarding the Harry Potter epilogue.)

I love that it only took a few months for Cora and Jamie to become the pseudo-parents who hovered in the foyer waiting for their child to open letters for colleges.  I wouldn’t expect anything less but I am thankful that it is present in this last chapter.  I especially loved Jamie calling out that “You have to document important family events!” demonstrating how tight this new family truly is.  Although I never understood the need to film graduation ceremonies, the three I have attended have been boring beyond belief (except my or my sister’s moment in the sun).   My favourite interchange-

“You got a letter from the U…I brought it in about an hour ago.  The anticipation is killing us.”

“It was killing Jamie,” Cora said.  “I was fine.”

This amused me no end as this fits perfectly into the mental picture that Sarah has created for me of these two characters.  Ruby choosing to take the envelope outside would be killing the poor man but I love him for his enthusiasm.  I could almost imagine him crying of she hadn’t been accepted…almost. 

Tying up the college acceptance with the return of her fish was a nice moment.  That after the cold, rocky patch that was winter, the fish had returned to the surface.  I must admit that Nate’s gift of key earrings was lovely but for some reason I was expecting something else.  Not that I had something in my brain but the earrings didn’t match whatever vague notion that was swirling in my head. 

Ruby scored 91 on her calculus test and proved that Gervais does indeed have an awesome track record in tutoring.  I might need to give the Zen mode a go.  I would have expected Cora and Jamie to attend her graduation but I thought it was lovely that Harriet and Reggie did too.  For some reason I expected her mother to make an appearance but that’s because I am used to ‘all strings being tied’ finales, even when I don’t like them to be.  The letter was a nice touch though, an opportunity for Ruby to show that she was moving on.

The English project saw Ruby presenting on the one theme that could really unhinge her in the beginning of this book.  She showed the Hunter family picture and her newly created family in her snap from her 18th birthday.  I like the mention that the pictures weren’t perfect and that’s how they were supposed to be.  Just like a family, the photos were perfect in their imperfection. 

And then the one string I wanted to be tied up with a bow occurred. Cora’s positive pregnancy test.  The confusion that her tears brought to both Jamie and Ruby was amusing but I was pleased as proverbial punch that they were going to broaden their family in both numbers and definition.  Of course it wasn’t easy, she was continuously ill but sucked it up like a real champ, as I would expect of Cora.  In the end Ruby could leave her mother and the yellow house behind, coming to the surface with her new family for a better life.

“It is an incredible thing, how a whole world can rise from what seems like nothing at all.”


A Note from Adele

That is the conclusion of the Lock and Key series. 

I am thinking of doing Just Listen or This Lullaby next. The former because it’s the most recent aside from Lock and Key and the latter because many people seem to reference it as their favourite. Be sure to way in with your opinions

I have sent a truckload of questions to Sarah regarding her writing, the book and some random ones for good measure.  I will post them upon receiving her answers.  She is an extremely busy woman who has been given too many questions but I would expect they will be posted within the fortnight.

I will podcast again soon but I had an unfortunate accident with my headphones in hand and a door frame.  I wish I was kidding but I need to grab some new ones.

I think I will take a break from the blog for a week so make sure you come back and see which book I choose next.

If you look at the page section in the navigation bar you will see two new entries you might like to check out – some info about me and my thoughts on Breaking Dawn.

Emails can be sent to the address posted in the menu bar and iTunes reviews would be much appreciated for the podcast.  I currently have two 😦

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8 thoughts on “Lock and Key – Chapter 20 – The End

  1. megan says:

    JK Rowling’s ending still bothers me. I was not pleased with it at all.

  2. Adele says:

    I know. Seriously if you are going to have such a lengthy epilogue, why not write another book? It should have been significantly shorter of non-existant. I am getting worked up now so I am going to press ‘Submit Comment’.

  3. Kelsey says:

    What about Ruby and Nate???

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  5. Jessica says:

    ok i made my own ending, when rubys by the pond getting ready to go to graduation she hears “macaroons?” and turns around and runs toward him kisses him and corrects him “belgium macaroons”
    and thats my ending i know so cheesy but cheesy’s my middles name

  6. Olivia says:

    Is there a continuation? The book is great but the conclusion was confusing.

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