This Lullaby – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Waking up, feeling seedy in a guy’s bed isn’t something new to Remy.  It makes me feel sad that she’s had such a tawdry high school existence.  Obviously she is seeking love and acceptance in risky situations but I doubt she realises that.  I was pretty chaste in high school so this kind of lifestyle was completely foreign to little, old conservative me.  I just wish her mother kept better tabs on her so she would have that acceptance and care from home too.  I am a little surprised that Chris didn’t know what his sister was doing and perhaps tried to reason with her.  But then I remembered the current Chris is the new Chris and he might not have cared in the past. 

In a quick visual sweep of the room Remy learns that Dexter is a slob and collects snow globes.  I love her observation of her clothes in a pile –

“Had I put them there?  No way.  Even drunk, I would have folded them.  I mean, please.”

Can you say anal retentive?

The Potato Song sounds like an abysmal song that a try-hard contestant on American Idol would sing during their audition.  The words are ridiculous but also endearing.

You gave me a potato

But I wanted a kumquat

I asked you for lovin’

You said, do what?

I love all the interplay between Dexter, John Miller (who simply cannot go by John) and Rob.  Jess is seriously a really good friend for picking Remy up.  She sounds exactly what I am like when I end up doing a favour for one of my friends, moaning and carrying on the whole time but doing it regardless.  I love the idea of her creeping around their house (another yellow one, holler to Lock and Key) trying to remain undetected.  I also want to know what makes a nectarine terrible but a kumquat acceptable.  I actually don’t believe I have ever tasted a kumquat or connected it to the concept of love. 

Despite Dexter’s rescuing her in a drunken state, she decided to leave without saying thank you.  (I am seeing more parallels with L&K, with the romantic lead saving the chickie babe in a drunken situation).  How rude.  I did enjoy her struggle with leaving and the chances of hurriedly cleaning his room in thanks.  She did make his bed though, kudos.  I would have loved to see her clumsily crawling through a window to escape the bumbling attentions and fawning of Dexter. 

I am beginning to get the Dexter love now.  Turning up in her room via a klutzy trellis climb and window passage is an impressive Romeo-esque effort.  I laughed heartily when he face planted upon entry.  If I weren’t convinced he was a nice guy this could all be considered dodgy.  This action is stalkeresque.  (I promise to stop with the –esques.) I like that his entrance is followed with him calling her on her leaving without saying goodbye.  He is clearly into her a lot.  In knew she was done when she said –

“You don’t want to be in a relationship with me.  You really don’t.”

She’s trying to fob him off because she knows she’s tempted.  And then he’s holding her, comforting her.    She realises he’s the first person that’s seen beyond the facade.  And then they are kissing.  I like her note to explain it –

“Maybe somewhere there was a ripple, a bit of a jump, some small shift in the universe, barely noticeable.”

Them against the world.  Or the world around them.  Sigh.


A Note from Adele

Apologies for the delay in the update.  Work continues to be nuts and I spent the weekend recording/editing my other podcast projects – Greek Speak and Three Chicks and a Mic.  I am hoping to record a SDD podcast tomorrow as well as another chapter update.  Thanks for your patience.

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