This Lullaby – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

July.  We are one month into the summer but I am a little surprised that not a whole lot has happened for a third of their break to be gone. 

Rhyme and pseudo rhyme.  Looks like I need to add another element to my poetic teachings.  I like the concept of pseudo rhyme as it is used so often in song writing.    I couldn’t contain my laughter when Dexter pulled out –

“Don’t you give me no rotten tomato,

Just ‘cause to your crazy shit I cannot relate-o.”

I think I might start singing this in my head when I am dealing with idiots at work. 

When Remy starts talking about the yellow house, I think immediately of the yellow farmhouse in Lock and Key.  I wonder what the colour yellow means to Sarah and whether she was thinking about that famous yellow house of hers when she was creating the band’s dwelling.  I love that Remy has a serious urge to clean the place but is controlled enough to keep her cleaning tendencies to Dexter’s room.  I couldn’t deal with a shower with black mould on all the grout, that sends shivers of revulsion down my spine.  I would be deathly afraid of the toilet.

I am clearing up on the passage of time now.  Remy has been with Dexter a week or two and that time hasn’t been detailed as yet.

The Moroccan religious tableaux tapestry sounds hideous.  I would definitely try to have it accidentally catch fire or get attacked by moths.  I wouldn’t want that monstrosity in my bedroom, let alone the garage.  A naked Renaissance woman isn’t that much better but some of that art is really interesting.  But in the kitchen?  No freaking way, for the same reason I don’t eat naked.  Ewwww. 

We see that Remy has a six week rule.  That after six weeks, the cracks form as you become more honest and less love dazed by the realities of each other and the relationship as a whole.  I love that she cannot place Dexter, that he is “completely off the map” in terms of whom she would normally date.  He might have a chance then, unpredictability is a handy advantage.  I also love that his flaws are so evident.  His inability to stay still has resulted in much damage to Remy’s belongings and himself.  He is completely lacking in spatial awareness and I love that there is someone like me in this story.  I am not on permanent jitter status like him but I do damage a lot of property. 

Dexter’s also a slob which is completely at odds to Remy’s anal qualities.  I am amazed she’s putting up with him, she must like him more than she realises.  The fact she cannot pin down the perimeters of her relationship with him, that he is deliberately evasive is quite amusing to watch when she is so adoring of control. 

“From that very first day in my room, I feel like we somehow skipped the formalities of the Beginning of the Relationship: those awkward moments when you’re not all over each other and still feeling out the other person’s boundaries and limits.”

Maybe it’s easy like that when someone is accepting of you for being yourself.  No falsehoods, no facade, just two people being really honest.  But then again Remy isn’t.

Dexter’s challenges sound like they are very entertaining but in reality that would quickly get annoying.  That being said, I think I could whoop his butt in naming states despite my nationality.  It seemed like it wasn’t a hard victory.  How old is Dexter?  Is he a little older than her or the same age?  I am guessing the former.

Is it humanly possible to eat ten bananas in one sitting?  I haven’t eaten one since I was three so I have no idea.  I am guessing not.

I find it weird that he announced that Remy loves him, even if it is in a joking manner.  It is a little unsettling.  Dexter always has me swinging between being a fan and worrying about his mental health.  It’s his unpredictability I guess.

I want to know what makes Mary scary.

32 ounces of Miracle Whip.  It sounds impressive but I don’t even know what it is.

Her girlfriends are immediately onto the fact that this relationship is distinctly non-Remy.  I love that they call her on it.  This is very reminiscent of my friends and the no bs rule we have.  Lissa thinks he’s sweet, Jess declared him clumsy and Chloe is slightly defensive of his faults.  I liked the varying perspectives on Remy’s beau

I love that LIssa did what I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, she was driving by Adam’s house to check out the new chickies.  Sad but oh so accurate.

Turns out that the G Flats are actually Truth Squad.  I would argue that both names are lame but then again they sing about potatoes.  The band has a routine; move to a town with a local music scene, score some jobs, score a regular gig and rent a cheap house.  A lot of their actions are borderline illegal but they have mostly stayed out of trouble.

I love the description of playing covers as a “necessary evil”.  Dexter would hate American Idol (I only thought of this as I am blogging about the Australia Idol sixth series). Both he and Remy would scorn me for my sad love of that show. 

The Bendo crowd love Truth Squad and their potato song.  The red head, I am a little wary of.  She’s being mentioned too often to be not important.  I love that the discussion of this groupie came around to Chloe’s self consciousness of her cup size.  Jess jumped callously onto that fear.  Then Dexter hears the boob discussion to his amusement and Ted questions Dexter’s ability to correctly sing their song.  Entertaining.


A Note from Adele

Again I am sorry for the delay, I am seriously trying but work is proving to be very consuming at the moment. 

Like I said I have begun blogging Australian Idol for my third year.  Sounds lame I know but this is what got me back into writing.  People seem to appreciate the snarky nature of my comments.  I am posting them this year on my personal blog, Pernsnickety Snark, but as you are mostly American I doubt you’d care much lol.

I will record and upload the podcast tomorrow night for your enjoyment.  Have a great weekend.

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3 thoughts on “This Lullaby – Chapter 8

  1. emma says:

    Miracle Whip is a brand of mayonnaise. Ew right? If I were Dexter, I’m not sure I’d be proud of that. Then again, maybe I would…It’s an accomplishment I’d never achieve, that’s for sure.
    On another note, I’m thinking of Bendo and Just Listen. I’m not sure if you’ve commented on this in your blog, but I\ll mention it in case. When Annabel goes to Bendo with Owen and they go backstage you get a pretty big cameo of Remy and the Truth Squad. There’s a pretty cute exchange between Remy and Dexter if you want to check it out–might lean you a bit further toward the Dexter love, or maybe save it until after the novel and you’ve reached Just Listen in your blogging.
    Can’t wait 🙂

  2. Adele says:

    Cheers Emma for informing me about the wonders of Miracle Whip. Sounds disgusting. Really disgusting.

    I do remember that scene in Just Listen but not well. I didn’t know who Dexter and Remy were then. Can’t wait to re-read it after this novel.

  3. emma says:

    Disgusting. Total agreement.

    I didn’t know Dexter or Remy then either, I only thought of it when i was flipping through though the novel and landed on the exchange. I hadn’t even remembered the scene much although my sister could almost quote it.
    Anyways, it was nice of Ms. Dessen to show us how the two were doing. 🙂

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