This Lullaby – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Three minutes isn’t too bad in terms of lateness.  Chris needs to retrieve some of his manliness or take a chill pill.  Jennifer Anne is one of those people who insists on formalising everyone’s given name.  I cannot stand that.  I am exactly the opposite, I will shorten everyone’s name if humanly possible.  If I get to that point then I add something fun to create a new name.  I had a kid called Zach in my class one year, he became Zachariah.  I also had a girl called Bionda, so she became B.  I would never, ever, call a Christopher Christopher unless they had a real stick up their butt.  And this Chris doesn’t have a stick up his butt, there is no room left as Jennifer Anne’s hand is taking up all the room. 

I almost expected Jennifer Anne to enter the room in ruffles and pearls but alas that didn’t occur.  The whole confusion of not hearing the word brie versus thinking Remy didn’t know what brie was, tickled my funny bone.  I hate when people dress up for dinner, not meaning going out or a special occasion, but a family dinner that isn’t a holiday.  It seems like this couple are trying hard to look worldly but instead look remarkably gauche and naive. The CNN talking point evidences this further, Chris nearly choking on a cracker when global economy was reported to have been formerly discussed by the couple.

The bet system between the siblings is intriguing.  Probably a method to make light of the damage their mother’s continuous need to remarry causes them.  To label and quantify it, therefore making it somewhat acceptable by their means. Remy is deliberately baiting her brother all evening trying to upset the life that satisfies him.  It’s almost as if she’s trying to upset his little control freak, apple cart.  Sure Jennifer Anne isn’t great by Remy or my standard but if that’s what makes him happy she should support it.  They’ve had the same unstable upbringing and she’s trying to sabotage the nice little existence he’s tried to make for himself.  I did enjoy her further taunting though-

“Gosh, Christopher.  Such language. You better not let her hear you, she’ll make you stay after school and write a report on those Australia blue-footed boobies.”

Now being Australian I am not too sure what a blue-footed booby is but I’ll run with it.  She really is trying to make him snap and I am guessing this will end badly.

And it does.

“…Remy, you make it really hard to love you sometimes.”

It was coming.  She is really a spiteful bitch and it was deserved but coming from a sibling that had to hurt.  Actually coming from anyone this would hurt.  She really is becoming cold due to her need to keep people at a distance.  Chris, she wants to keep close but his relationship with Jennifer Anne is drawing him away and she attacked his lifestyle as a consequence.  I feel bad for her but she only has her bad behaviour to blame.  At someone else’s house you have to be more respectful of their choices and she wasn’t. 

After all this occurs Remy continues to be sullen and bad tempered.  I cannot help but think that she needs a serious attitude adjustment.  In particular the comment about trying to make her apology to Jennifer Anne sound genuine smacked of a teen being caught out being a sullen little cow.  It doesn’t help that she visits Chloe afterward just to score freeze booze.  It seems she isn’t in as much control as she would like, reverting to old Remy behaviour.  I like that Chloe and Remy can be honest with one another without hurting each other’s feelings.  I wonder though if that extends to all circumstances because there is usually perimeters to how far the truth can stretch.    At least she has enough self awareness to note that-

“…this wasn’t the way to react to what had happened at Jennifer Anne’s.”

The way in which Remy chose to paraphrase Chris’ words was also telling-

“Chris suddenly believes in love and I don’t and therefore, I am a terrible person.”

She really didn’t understand what he said if that is her interpretation.  But I really believe she did understand and this is just a way for her to feel better; to misquote him, to express his words out of context and therefore warp his meaning.  She is allowing herself some small measure of comfort.  The alcohol taking affect, she leaves Chloe’s for Bendo’s, I would like to argue that Chloe could have been more responsible here.  It is at Bendo’s, looking at her reflection in the mirror, in her drunken state, that she realises that she has slipped, lost control and found the Old Remy.

Seeing her reflection reminds Remy of being outstandingly drunk on cherry brandy and getting raped by a senior at a party.  Now some people might argue that she wasn’t raped, but if someone is drifting in and out of conscious they are not in control of their functions or decision making.  She wasn’t really able to say no because she was that drunk.  You would think that she would stop drinking as a result of this incident but it seemed to do the opposite.  But then again she claims she’s not a “nice girl”, maybe this self-destructive behaviour was a way to punish herself.  Thus she’s still in control.

We see her getting sleazed onto at the bar and I can only thank the bartender for cutting her off.  Why didn’t Chloe take her home?  The dodgy dude tries to strong arm her out of the bar.  Then she thinks everything I have written over the last few passages –

“How had I let this happen?  One nasty remark from Chris and I’m bar trash, fighting in public with some guy called Sherman.  I could feel the shame rising up in me, flushing my face.”

I am glad she got a hit in, the guy deserved it.  Pity she didn’t break his nose.  Then Dexter sweeps in with a fantastical story about being late and being her other half.  I presume this is the one event that makes readers fall in love with and gush over Dexter.  I love that he calls her ‘sweetums’ when she is anything but the whole white knight routine is always a winner.  He’s very slick in his dealings with the swelling Sherman and the useless bouncer, Kevin.  I have renewed appreciation for Dexter.  In her lowest moment, when she finally allowed herself to feel the pain, when she couldn’t hold it at bay, she broke.  And he was there to catch her.


A Note from Adele

The bad week continues and my mum assures me that it’s due to the eclipse and lunar cycles and something to do with Mars.  Now I don’t know what much of that means but the word lunatic was derived from lunar so I’ll go with it.

No piccies again but it’s better than no post at all.

Keep smiling J

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