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Charting the Dessen Boys

The fabulous 2010 debut YA author, Karen Healey, created this flow chart of Sarah Dessen’s boys that I had to share.  Check out Karen’s blog entry to get all the details.

And here’s the table mentioned within Karen’s blog entry.

What do you think?

What can you come up with yourself?


Sarah Dessen UK Covers

By request, here are the other UK Sarah Dessen titles with same style cover art. I cannot wait to have the entire set!

Just Listen – Playlist

This is the Sarah Dessen created playlist for her novel, Just Listen. I have taken the song titles and her reasons for choosing them directly from her blog. The direct link is here.

1.”What It Feels Like For a Girl,” Madonna. Okay, so I am old enough to remember when the video for “Borderline” hit MTV and we eighth grade girls, en masse, headed out to buy rubber bracelets and fingerless gloves. I feel like I’ve grown up with Madonna, and I love her stuff, but this is probably my favorite song. It was in my mind a lot when I was writing the book, the way a song with just be there, and then start to represent the story whenever you hear it. It came out a few years ago, and the video was all violent and caused a bit of a a controversy, which is unfortunate because this is a beautiful, uplifting song. At least, in my mind. (Again: it’s personal!)

2. “Radio Song,” R.E.M. There’s a lot of stuff about radio in the book, so this fits. Plus I love R.E.M. songs where Michael Stipe sounds like he’s having fun. I mean, I love the sad ones too, but it’s nice to know he can be happy, at least occasionally.

3. “Road to Nowhere,” The Talking Heads. This song always puts me in a good mood. It’s also one I was listening to while I was writing, especially at the beginning, which for me is always the scariest part. There’s something nice about David Byrne letting you know it’s gonna be all right. And being able to put that on repeat, for the bad days when you really need to hear it.

4. “Drop the Pilot,” Mandy Moore. What can I say? I love Mandy Moore. ‘Nuff said.

5. “This is Radio Clash,” The Clash. Again, a great song about the power of radio. I was listening to a lot of Clash while I was working on this book. I think Owen, the ultimate music snob, would approve.

6. “Blind Love,” Tom Waits. Okay, here’s the thing. I am TERRIBLE at picking favorites. Ask me my favorite movie, or song, or TV show, and I freeze up, unable to commit to just one. I prefer to pick three. Or, ideally, five. But if I HAD to pick my favorite song of all time, and be bound to it forever, it would probably be this one. First, it’s from Rain Dogs, which is the most perfect album ever. And it’s just beautiful. Beautifully written, beautifully played. Beautiful. I can’t even do it justice, just go listen to it.

7. “Story of My Life,” Social Distortion. Interesting fact: Story of My Life was my original title for this book. Not for this song, but for the phase itself, which comes up a bit in the novel. In the end, though, I changed it—my original titles rarely make it past draft stage—but since I love this song, and will always have a soft spot for my first title, I’m paying it tribute here. I will never hear it again without thinking of the book, and that’s not a bad thing.

8. “The Joker,” Fatboy Slim. The original version of this song, by the Steve Miller Band, SO makes me think of high school. We listened to a lot of SMB then, along with Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. I really like this remake, though, because it’s something nostalgic for me, taking on a whole new life. Which is kind of what like I do, now that I think about it.

9. “Ooh Child,” Beth Orton. This is another song that’s good for those hard days when you’re convinced your story stinks, your characters stink, and you stink. Put it on, wallow for a minute. You’ll feel better when it’s done, I promise.

10. “Ace of Spades,” Motorhead. When I was trying to think of the kind of music Owen played on his show, at least initially, this is the song that came to mind. Good for days when you’re mad at the world. That said, it’s also one of my husband’s favorite songs, so much so that I kept telling people we were going to dance to it at our wedding. Which would have been comical, if not horrifying. Still, you gotta love Motorhead.

11. “Fight Test,” The Flaming Lips. Credit where credit is due: my friends Courtney and Cameron turned me onto this song. I love the beginning, which is sort of whacked out (very Owen-esque) and also the lyrics. It’s all about standing up for something, which is what the book is about, as well.

12. “You Belong to Me,” The Flat Duo Jets. When I was beginning This Lullaby, I was trying to think of the name of the boy who was going to be the lead singer of a band and steal Remy’s heart. Then I remembered the Flat Duo Jets, a very well-known Chapel Hill Band, and their singer, whose name was Dexter Romweber. He was a bit ofa local legend then, and now, and I always loved this song. I know what you’re thinking: but Dexter’s not in Just Listen, so which pick this for this list? Well…..

13. “Rebel Waltz,” The Clash. Like I said, I had Clash on the brain. And this is an unexpected Clash song: soft, and pretty. Plus, it’s one of the few real songs in the book.

14. “Thank You,” Tori Amos. My favorite is the Led Zeppelin version, which is not available on iTunes. Still, this one’s nice as well, more dreamy and sad than the original. I put this song last because it’s the last song mentioned in the book, as well as how I felt when I finished the novel. I am always grateful to write that last sentence, hit that final period, and then sit back and exhale. Nice.

I found all these tracks about six months ago and have re-list the list as Sarah Dessen: Just Listen Mix on my iPod. There are some awesome songs that I knew and some that I were unfamiliar with but…the Flaming Lips rock!

Help Me, Help You :)

I am about to start a new batch of chapter responses for Just Listen and I thought it was time for a change.  Hope you like the new look! (I thought a white background would make it easier on the eyes.)

Below is a poll I would really like you to fill out to help me direct the future of the SD Diarist blog.  Help me make it a better experience for you.  Some of these options require input from you, so if you like to be a part of it, make sure you leave a comment or email me. 

Thanks again!

Along for the Ride – SD Reading Excerpt

Sarah has had this video up on youtube for a couple of days now. I give her major props, reading to yourself on camera is tough. It’s bad enough when I catch myself in the mirror while recording the podcast. Eeeeek.
I want this book so bad.

Casting…The Truth About Forever

You have three days to suggest who you think should be cast as the main characters in the non-existant movie,  The Truth About Forever! Those that are the best suggestions will be announced on the podcast.

So who should play…
* Macy
* Wes
* Kristy
* Monica
* Bert
* Jason
* Delia
* Deborah Queen
* Caroline

Along for the Ride Summary

I was just cruising the internet when this jumped out at me – the summary!

When Auden decides to spend the summer before college with her father and stepmother in a small beach town, she finds herself freed to discover a new world of friendship with other girls, as well as an unexpected romance with Eli, a rising star on the BMX circuit and a fellow insomniac, who joins her in exploring the late night world of the small town. As Auden struggles to turn from the path her mother has set for her and Eli tries to come to terms with the death of a friend for which he holds himself responsible, the two break out of their mutual self-imposed isolation and find one another.

I am intrigued. I love Eli as the love interest’s name as it’s quite different than all the others. BMX? Love it, if you can ever be bothered try and find some video of Nicole Kidman in an Australian, 80s kid’s movie- BX Bandits. My fascination started there.

Setting? A small beach town. Do we think this might be Colby? Location of Keeping the Moon and roundabout location of the Queen’s beach house? Or is it a new location?

I am sooooooo excited.


Reviewer X’s blog is the only non-Dessen related link I have in my navigation bar.  Sure some of that has to do with me being lazy but mainly it’s due to the fact that her blog is great for readers.

Who is Reviewer X ?

In her own words … Steph (or Reviewer X) is a sophomore at a freakin’ hard prep school. She aspires to be an oncologist (overachieving), a writer (pipe dream), and/or a circus clown (damn cool), but fears the only thing aforementioned freakin’ hard prep school is preparing her for is what is known in medical circles as “cerebral asphyxiation stimulated by the incessant feeding of copious amounts of useless information such as precalculus”. When she is not anticipating her imminent brain suffocation, Steph is readily and steadily wading her way through thousands of pages of beautifully (or not so beautifully) constructed prose, crashing random parties, and being an overall wholesome teen (who relies heavily on sarcasm).

What does she do?

She writes reviews about YA literature, interviews YA authors, presents news about YA world and in general lust after books.

What is Girl Week?

A celebration of strong female characters & feminism in YA lit!”  I can’t say that any better, am I peaking your interest?

Girl Week Directory

So I am asking you to go over to Reviewer X’s blog via the link immediately above and have a gander at the interviews and reviews she has written.  If you are lucky you might even win one of the many YA orientated contests she runs.  Happy blog reading!