Day 30 – Read Her Once, Fall in Love. Read her Twice, You’re Addicted! (Adiba)

You know you love a book when you think it’s perfect, perfect cover , title and story, and Sarah Dessen’s books have it all. Sarah is my absolute favourite author and each one of her books is completely unforgettable.

What I love about each of her books is that they are always filled with different emotions, I feel love and heartbreak, loneliness and complete utter happiness.

With each of her books I fall in love every time, wanting someone to buy me cutlery and make me CD’s and help me be a kid again, seriously how many times can I fall in love with these characters.. each time I read Sarah’s novels I think where’s my Wes, my Owen my Dexter! Now I really want my Eli J

One of the many things I love about her books is that they connect, with recurring characters and locations.  I love finding them, like Truth Squad, The World of Waffles and the famous Quick Zip.

Sarah Dessen’s writing is just something else, I have read so many different books but I can honestly say The Truth About Forever was my absolute favourite YA book.

So Thank you Sarah Dessen and your fantastical writing!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And congrats on Along for the Ride

Adida is a new found friend from the Aussie publishing industry. She’s an enthusiastic Sarah fan…iobviously and generoulsly contributed this piece.


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