Day 20 – Sarah Dessen & Readergirlz

Sarah Dessen and readergirlz

Readergirlz was thrilled to feature Sarah Dessen, her beautiful novel, Just Listen, and sneak preview Lock and Key in March 2008 for our theme, TRUTH. All of the readergirlz divas have admired Sarah’s writing and the way she captures the imaginations of her readers.

Here are a few of the responses we had from Sarah’s live chat with our members:

“I want to say, simply, that Sarah Dessen is a librarian’s dream. Her books are all so incredible in so many different ways. They speak to so many different people on many levels. And best of all, I love to read them, too. Though I am more of the age of the adults in the stories, I get so much from each story. I love to discuss and share Sarah’s books with my students.” – LibraryWomanKathy

“Hey Miss Sarah, First of all, I love your books! My favorite one is “The Truth about Forever”. I think you’re an amazing writer, and your characters are totally cool, and you can relate so much to them.” – ~♥Nikki♥~

“Thanks so much for coming to talk to everyone, and I’m totally planning on getting Lock and Key for my birthday.” – ~Katie

“Sarah, your video is so great! It was fun to see you, the setting for your works, and hear your voice. And great heels, btw. :~) “ – rgz diva Lorie Ann Grover

“I actually named one of my daughters after a character in Someone Like You, Halley, although I spelled it different, Hallie. I wanted to name my other daughter Scarlett as well but that didn’t end up happening.” – Breanna <3’s you

“Sarah, I LOVED Lock and Key! I liked that you wrote about a girl who isn’t tempted by materialistic stuff but hungry for love. And a boy, who unlike unforgettable, terrifying Rogerson in Dreamland, isn’t defined by the mistakes of his father. I liked that you included a couple of African-American characters in this book, a pair of close cousins.” – author & rgz talent scout Mitali Perkins

“The Truth About Forever left me with a giant, uncontainably happy feeling at the end… it is sort of my favorite, but each book is special to me.” – Vanessa

Hey Sarah! Just wanted to say you’re my favorite author. Your plot lines are things that can actually happen in a girls life, but the way you express the situations just sticks to anyone who’s read your work. You don’t tell your readers what’s going on, you show them. I’ve lent many of your books that I own to so many of my friends and they’ve loved them too. I love writing and hope I can connect with people like you do.” – Cate.

my friend is currently reading this lullaby , but, so far the truth about forever has been her favorite. i love the truth about forever and this lullaby and ive read all the sarah dessen books =D“ – jessica.

“I love your blog post about writing the novel “Falling in love (sort of).” I’ve read it in times of novel crisis, and it cheered me up to know there is hope in sight through the crisis!” – rgz diva Holly Cupala …and so many more.

And who could forget the Barry Manilow concert where Sarah was headed that night!

To read the rest of Sarah’s live chat, click here.

We were honored to host her at readergirlz and wish her a very happy birthday!

~the readergirlz divas,

Tomorrow – Holly Cupala, author of 2010 release, A Light That Never Goes Out.

2 thoughts on “Day 20 – Sarah Dessen & Readergirlz

  1. Oh, that was a very fun issue to create. Yay, readergirlz!

  2. I love the gushing!

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