Day 15 – Remy Wins A Heart (Erika Lynn)

this%20lullabyFirst let me start with a giant Happy Birthday Sarah and Happy Blogiversary to the Sarah Dessen Diarist blog and thank you so much for having me. Adele, you are amazing for putting this all together.

It wasn’t all that long ago when the only Sarah Dessen book I had read was This Lullaby. I read it when it first came out because it was a gift from someone, not because I knew that Sarah Dessen was amazing. This person had walked in to a book store and asked for a good book recommendation for a teenage girl and they handed them This Lullaby.

At this point I wasn’t reading much YA and to be honest I had no idea who Sarah Dessen was but I had never been one to turn down a book and I began reading it. It wasn’t long before I was in love with the book and devoured the whole thing in record time. Remy was this snarky, know-it-all who I just loved and I couldn’t help but relate to her as she tried to plan out every moment of her life.

I loved This Lullaby and from that point on I always thought of it as one of the best books I had read but I still was naive enough that I didn’t know that Sarah Dessen was The Sarah Dessen and that she had this amazing following of readers.

When I started blogging I learned all about The Sarah Dessen and when I put together the name with that book that had stuck with me all these years I felt a little ridiculous for not knowing how prolific she is as an author and for not having read more of her books. I have started to correct that and I am loving catching up on the works of Sarah Dessen. Thank you Sarah, for writing a character my 15-year-old self really connected with and that my now 22-year-old self still loves.

Erika Lynn is a busy little bee who reviews from her lovely little home at Kiss My Book

Tomorrow – Laurie Halse Anderson, author of Wintergirls.


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