Day 9 – The Dessen Boys Report Card (Khy)

You cannot possibly appreciate Sarah Dessen and her books without appreciating her wonderfully developed, realistic characters.

More specifically, her male characters.

More specifically than that, the romantic male leads of all her books.

You had to expect someone was going to write about all the guys, and that someone is me.

So without further ado:
SUMNER from That Summer
Good qualities: Um. He’s gorgeous? He’s kind of nice, I guess.
Bad qualities: Have you read the ending of this book? You know the bad quality.
Does he pass the Khy approval test?: No. I can’t get over the Big Reveal about him at the end of the book.

MACON from Someone Like You
Good qualities: Whenever I think of him I think of Trent Ford because of How to Deal. And he cares about Halley, in his own weird way.
Bad qualities: Does drugs. Doesn’t talk much. Doesn’t really talk about his ~*feelings.*~
Approved: Definitely no. But Trent Ford gets approved.

NORMAN from Keeping the Moon
Good: Super sweet, especially to Cole ;). Is an artist. He can cook.
Bad: Well, I can’t remember much about him, so I guess he must be a tad boring.
Could be good or bad: He’s kind of a loner. And he collects sunglasses. That’s cool with me, but maybe not everyone else.
Approved?: I suppose, but he’s definitely not my favorite Dessen male.

ROGERSON from Dreamland
Good: He has nice hair.
Bad: EVERYTHING. He does drugs, deals drugs, and beats up his girlfriend. And he introduces Caitlin to some friends with questionable habits.
Approved?: HECK NO. If he is approved by you, please go see a therapist.

DEXTER from This Lullaby
Good: He can sing, he is good at talking, he can write his own music. He followed what he loved. He is COMPLETELY ADORABLE.
Bad: None. He is Dexter.
Could be good or bad: He’s kind of clumsy, but that can be endearing at times. And he dares people at every possible moment.
Approved: DUH! He is Dexter. He is amazing. I love him the most.

WES from The Truth About Forever
Good: He is an artist. He uses stuff that wouldn’t usually be used to make art, so he is helping the environment. xD He is super caring. He is truthful. VERY truthful. He gets Macy to open up.
Bad: He’s Wes. He doesn’t have many.
Could be good or bad: He’s kind of quiet. That helps Macy talk, but still. Speak, Wes, speak! The fangirls want to hear you!
Approved?: Duh.

OWEN from Just Listen
Good: He loves music. He’s truthful. He does stuff for his little sister, even though he doesn’t always like it. He helps Annabel overcome her issues.
Bad: He’s got some anger issues.
Could be good or bad: He might make you listen to bird music.
Approved?: YESSSSSS. He’s my second favorite. LOVE HIM.

NATE from Lock and Key
Good: He’s hot. Athletic. Helps Ruby overcome some of her issues. He’s nice. And sweet. And helpful.
Bad: Keeps some sekrits. Dangerous sekrits.
Approved: Most definitely.

Eli from Along for the Ride
Wait. I can’t tell you anything about him just yet. But he does pass the approval test. 😉

In conclusion, Dessen male main characters are hawt, except when they’re on drugs or do something really bad.

Khy is magical, no I am not kidding. She has been gifted with the magical bangs of YA-dom. She also has an awesome blog where you can see these magical bangs of wonder – Frenetic Reader.

Tomorrow – Kristina Springer, author of The Espressologist.

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3 thoughts on “Day 9 – The Dessen Boys Report Card (Khy)

  1. Lena says:

    DEXTER! I love him so much! And he’s in a band, so he gets a hundred more perfect-points. Great list!

  2. Kelsey says:

    Uhh, nuh uh, Owen Armstrong wins my heart. He is the best of the best.

    Awesomely awesome guest blog Khy!

  3. Janssen says:

    Ah, I always forget how much I LOVE Dexter. But sadly, he can’t win my heart from Wes. I love Wes the most 🙂

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