Just Listen – Chapter 6

Sophie is clearly one of those territorial girls who manipulate people with fear. Her initial aversion to Emily was due to her prettiness and burgeoning connection with Annabel. Describing someone as complicated is a never a good thing, the same applies for the description of a relationship. To me it screams head case and/or drama. Both elements I can do without. Sophie is my kind of hell.

Annabel is clearly aware of the issues in their friendship-
• Sophie’s moodiness at any success that’s not her own
• Snappiness
• Insults
• Fake niceness
And yet Annabel appears to be tolerating all of this for the life that Sophie’s given her. That one kiss with Chris has seemingly beholden Annabel to tolerating all of Sophie’s paranoia, hysteria and psychotic meanness. But it’s more than that, like an abusive boyfriend, Sophie’s ensured that Annabel doesn’t have anyone else to talk to, to rely on, and to escape with. It angers me. It should anger Annabel too.

“Everyone has a place, and it was her job to make sure you knew yours.” Who died and make her queen? I have decided Sophie is evil. Sarah’s description of her as “…nasty, all sharp edges” is particularly fitting. Watching her turn on Annabel for befriending another isn’t pretty. Sophie makes everything personal.

Call me a prude, but allowing a guy (like Will Cash) to paw you without at least going on a date seems a little slutacular. Sophie’s ditched her carefully jock criteria to date the senior with the busy hands and wandering eye – they’re perfect for one another. I do feel bad for her though, Sophie decides to sleep with him fairly short into the relationship and seems to be in the fog of some sort of love. Annabel doesn’t see it, he makes her uneasy. Sophie clearly doesn’t bother using her friends as a boy gauge.

Hearing the stories of Sophie going after the girls that Will flirts (etc) with it particularly discomfiting. Why do girls always take issue with other girls, rather than their partner that should be faithful? You should be able to trust your other half thus removing the need to social annihilate your classmates.

We understand for one small mention that Annabel unwittingly become entangled in their relationship dance and has since been branded every name under the sun by Sophie. I think it’s safe to assume that Will showed an interest in Annabel.

Obviously Emily sided with Sophie, as it was safer socially to stay in Sophie’s folds. I don’t like it but it’s very true to high school girl politics.

Talking to Owen has made Annabel much more aware of how much she fudges the truth in real life. She’s intrigued enough that she tunes into his radio show as she had promised him that she would. I love that Owen’s weird music picks neither entertain nor explained themselves. It truly sounds exhausting just trying to stay engaged to music that doesn’t sound like traditional music.

A Note from Adele
Okay it’s been quiet here lately but that’s all about to change. Starting from May 6th there will be a huge month long event here at the Sarah Dessen Diarist. But my lips are sealed. But know that there will be daily posts that are moving, hysterical and thought provoking for the entire month. And no, they aren’t written by me. Have I got your attention yet?

One thought on “Just Listen – Chapter 6

  1. Nina says:

    thank you so much!!! i’ve been using your book for my 9th grade english you saved my buutt ❤

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