Just Listen – Chapter 3

Despite all being blonde and gorgeous, the sisters differ in body types as well as personalities. Whitney is the tall, skinny one. Kirsten the voluptuous one, leaving Annabel with the wiry frame. If they are all modelling they would all have to be quite slight too, I would imagine. Whitney and Kirsten moving in sounds like a shockingly bad idea based on just their interactions as children. They obviously are diametrically opposed in personality as well as in the way they see life. Their different approaches to modelling gigs alone demonstrate that. I am guessing that Whitney’s seriousness about modelling pre-empted her eating disorder.

You’d think the drastic change in Whitney’s body would have kick started the Greene’s into action but they all dance around the issue. It’s like no one actually wants to be pro-active here and I am frustrated. She needs help. She obviously doesn’t want it but she definitely needs it. Mrs Greene was even providing excuses for her (“she’s just been sick”) when Kirsten informed them that Whitney wasn’t eating. Denial is a strange creature. I find it fascinating that Whitney is able to deflect attention away from herself by using Kirsten’s “jealousy” as a reason.

I am glad that Kirsten was able to speak to Mr Greene to give her side of Whitney’s issue. I don’t think her claim about her mother’s probable brainwashing due to Whitney’s great explanations is all that far fetched either. I feel bad for Annabel being pushed out. They are doing it to protect her I suppose, but all siblings are very well aware of what’s happening, whether it’s discussed with them or not. Children and teens are very in tune with vibes.

Of course they returned to their little model family behaviour as Whitney was too good at convincing her mother. Poor Kirsten. She’s trying screaming for help as loudly as Whitney’s body is, yet no one’s listening. Denial.

They made her promise? I am sorry but anorexia trumps a promise…every single time.

Kirsten is telling them over and over again and yet they buy that her hospitalisation is over a sinus infection. I guess believing your child is more appealing that believing your child is ill from a self-imposed illness.

“…but still my mother didn’t go. This was the biggest mystery, the one that, looking back, I could never quite figure out. For whatever reason, she chose to believe Whitney. It was a mistake.”

You bet it was. I find it even harder to understand knowing that Mrs Greene lost her mother. You’d think she’d be crushing Whitney with attention.

It seems fitting that the person to be least involved in Whitney’s problems is the one to discover her in the shower. Annabel, who’s life has been equally tragic, pushes her own issues aside to focus on Whitney. Annabel’s invisible in that family. You wonder if had it not been for Annabel, would another family member have found her in time? No one seems to expect much of Annabel and in this situation, it was a plus here.

The treatment centre is the best possible place that Whitney can be. Clearly her parents are unable to deal.

I love that Mrs Greene isn’t stoked that her child wants to give up modelling for school. It’s like upside down world. It shows how screwed up her priorities are and how unsupportive she is of Kirsten. Kirsten who’s been pleading with them for help is again dismissed. I am frustrated for her. Then Whitney punished her for caring with silence. It’s just not right.

“The changes in my sisters over the year were both evident and sensory. One you could spot on sight, while the other you heard about the moment you were in earshot, whether you wanted to or not. As for me, I found myself where I’d always been, stuck somewhere in the middle.”

 This family has major issues. But they look good, that’s the important thing, right?

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