Just Listen – Chapter 2

It’s interesting to hear that Annabel wanted so dearly to be alone, after an incident in May, that she broke contact off with everyone. After some time away she wanted to reconnect but found that all those bridges had been burned. With the addition of Sophie’s bitchiness this equates to one isolated high school experience. I feel horrible for Annabel and I know for many girls, this has occurred to them at one time or another.

Add in the commercial and Annabel’s in hell. I don’t envy her one bit

“A tall guy with dreadlocks was imitating the way I’d held out my arm to the guy in the commercial, while the rest of them snickered.”

That sounds like our favourite basket case topped with dreadlocks, Rogerson, doesn’t it? Sounds like his particular brand of evil. I wonder if Rogerson is the most frequently appearing character in S.Dessen-verse. There was a mention of a dreadlocked guy in The Truth about Forever that I asked Sarah for confirmation of. See here.

I love that with a choice between Angriest Boy in School and Clarke, Annabel chooses the former. Well actually Clarke makes that choice for her by leaving. Annabel is very naive if she thinks that her friendship can only now be repaired with Clarke, now that she doesn’t have any other options.

I love the story of Owen punching Ronnie until he crumpled like a drunken game of Jenga. I like the idea of a guy like that getting his just deserts. Not that I advocate violence but clearly Ronnie was asking for it, being the ass that he is.

Will Cash. Hmm something happened there and it wasn’t good. If the whole world melts away when you see a guy and your heart isn’t pounding for the right reasons then run! Owen, even in his music obsessed world, was able to note silently that something was up.

Although it’s said in a throw away line, the idea that Annabel was sobbing by herself in a toilet cubicle during sixth period saddens me to no end. To feel that alone is a horrible thing and I just wanted to give her a giant hug.

Annabel’s mother seems more fixated on the modelling job with Mooshka Surfwear than her daughter’s emotional wellbeing. (Sidenote – would love to know where Sarah got Mooshka from.) So many of SD’s mother characters are absolutely clueless to their daughter’s pain. Actually all of them are – is this representative of the relationship you have with your mum?

The whole idea of a family of models is freaking weird. On the spectrum of scary weird, it’s only slightly lower than child pageantry but only just. I can’t imagine that a girl like Annabel really holds any interest in it. Kirsten yes but Whitney and Annabel no.

Annabel’s mother obviously dipped head first into grief initiated depression. The loss of her own mother flipped a switch. In many ways this reminds me of Francesca’s mother in the Australian novel by Melina Marchetta, Saving Francesca. Both mothers completely unable to work through their depression without adversely affecting their children. This in turn affects the way Annabel processes problems herself “…when in doubt keep it out – out of earshot, out of the house – even if this meant, really, just keeping it in.” How unbelievably sad.

I find it even sadder that modelling is her mother’s choice for re-entry into the world. How shallow. Sure it gets her through the funk of depression but it’s just so … shallow. It does explain why Annabel continues to model when clearly it’s not her thing. She’s afraid that should she stop, her mother would regress and it would be her fault. That’s a lot of pressure on a kid.

Then we find out that Whitney has an eating disorder. Why on earth is their mother pushing this if one of her children’s suffering from an eating disorder? Her priorities are seriously demented. Why put your kids in an industry where they are judged so harshly for their exterior during the most pivotal stages of their development? Sigh.


A Note

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