I am sorry for my little hiatus one chapter from the end. I am an evil, evil woman. I have actually been waiting on my friend to return Just Listen or see the arrival of Along for the Ride. Neither of these circumstances have occured. I think I thought that if I pulled the brakes on Keeping the Moon, everything might magically reconvene. My bad.

I have been busy though. Over at my general YA blog, Persnickety Snark (link in the blogroll to your right) I have been attempting to read a book a day and review it. It’s a week long goal and I am five days in, five days successful. My eyes are about to kill me though.

Here are the links to the books I have reviewed:
Paper Towns – John Green (Saturday)
Red– Ed. Amy Goldwasser (Sunday)
Frenemies – Alexa Young (Monday)
Going Too Far– Jennifer Echols (Tuesday) AMAZING BOOK
Crossing the Lines – Di Bates

Two more books and then I am done. Back to 2-3 books a week! Please do check out the reviews and tell me if you agree or even if you want to check it out now.

Coming…podcasts. They will happen.


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