Keeping the Moon – Chapter 13

Morgan is going to surprise Mark. This is going to end badly. Not only that she’s going to spring an elopement on a guy that really isn’t all that into her. This is going to end really badly.

It’s interesting that Norman answered the phone that he clearly didn’t want to because Colie asked him too. For a person who’s been calling so frequently, you’d think his dad would have thought through his words better. Of course we only read Norman’s side of the conversation. But still… someone that persistent should’ve thought through their motivations better. Norman’s father clearly wants his son back into his life but only when he tows the family line. I don’t think a couple of phone calls will achieve this.


“There’s something so even and nice about it. All those theorems and givens. No doubt.”

I hate maths with a fiery passion usually reserved for bananas and obvious foundation lines on one’s jaw, but I totally understand the appeal of geometry. It was the one part of maths that I actually did well in. The theory was fine and all but I think I liked the evenness of it all. Like geometry is the karma of the maths world.

Colie’s confession was an interesting one. That her poor self esteem was fed by the taunting. That she didn’t deserve anyone being nice to her…ever. I feel so sad for her but glad she could finally verbally grieve a little. Bottling emotions always has a way of eating away at you after awhile.

Norman focused on the one point he could in that revelation. That she knew the truth. That she wasn’t promiscuous and that she hadn’t done anything to deserve the negative attention she received. I do think that so many years of insecurity won’t just dissolve in one realisation. It can’t. Those doubts are too ingrained into your being to just dissipate. She’s made vital steps but that doesn’t make your life a clean slate.

Her dream was about Norman. Awww.

Poor Morgan. She’s a sobbing mess. Her knees are all banged up. And she’s wearing a lei. Mark has a stripper wife, ewww. A girl’s got to make a living but eww. Mark’s missus is also pregnant. Yeesh. That’s a pretty bad day. And yet all I can think about it how much Mrs Mark’s stripping tips might be affected by her baby belly.
A Note from Adele
I am getting super close to 20,000 site visits which is beyond exciting. Over five thousand have occured in the previous month alone. Yay.

I have no idea when the paperback versions are coming out of Along for the Ride but I can look into it.

Sarah Dessen and Melissa Walker – both from Chapel Hill – are featured in this month’s Chapel Hill publication.

Sorry about the quality of the podcast last episode. It sounded fine when I loaded it. I think it’s time to explore other podcasting hosts, would people follow me if I changed the feed?

2 thoughts on “Keeping the Moon – Chapter 13

  1. khy says:

    Paperbacks for books usually come out a year after the hardback, so wouldn’t the Along for the Ride ones not be out until 2010?

    Also, geometry should die a painful death.

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