Along for the Ride – SD Reading Excerpt

Sarah has had this video up on youtube for a couple of days now. I give her major props, reading to yourself on camera is tough. It’s bad enough when I catch myself in the mirror while recording the podcast. Eeeeek.
I want this book so bad.

2 thoughts on “Along for the Ride – SD Reading Excerpt

  1. Tina says:

    Do you know when they will be releasing this in paperback? Do you know why it takes so long to release on paperback? I’m looking forward to reading this book. I’d like to buy it. All my Dessen books are paperback, so I’d like to buy this on paperback too.

  2. Rita Calviello says:

    That was captivating! Truly amazing! I love how Sarah can easily portray “those” types of girls who are just so girly and then she can take a character who i feel i am so similar to and make her reactions so funny and familiar. Beautiful Sarah, can’t wait to read. Need to wait for paperback.

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