Keeping the Moon – Chapter 12

At the church bazaar, Colie summons the beast from within to yell at Bea, who was dressed in a gingham sundress which made me think of Dorothy.  The thought of Colie yelling at Dorothy gets me all excited.  Love it.  But Dorothy would never have a child with a big head.  Instead Colie gets interrupted by Mira who shows what it truly is to be the bigger person. 

I honestly cannot picture a time when I won’t care what other people think.  I hate that it affects me so much but I cannot ever see it not affecting me.  That Mira can honestly say that it doesn’t bother her is miraculous to me.

“I work in my own way.”

Jeez, I wish I could be like that and fly.  How do you even get there though?

Norman eats fries while reading a book about Salvador Dali?  Interesting.

Josh calls wanting to reunite when they are back in Charlotte.  Colie stands her ground and refuses to give her number but I see that as disinterest rather than courage.  And with this we finally see a heated Norman who got rejected on the hot chocolate, portrait front of his wooing Colie campaign.  It’s not that she rejected him as much as forgot him in favour of her aunt.  Or just forgot him.  Okay that is bad.  Poor Normy.

While I totally get what Isabel is saying, Colie never felt a spark with Norman.  Actually she might of when she was watching him sleep.  Poor Norman just is too safe and we know that self-destructive teens don’t go for boys who are safe and respectful and kind.  Do they?

So we finally get an answer on the Norman age front.  He’s eighteen.  Perfectly respectable age gap between him and Colie.  I feel horrible that his father didn’t support him in his choice to attend art school.  Especially if the boy is talented, which the scholarship says as much.  Living by the dumpsters is something I cannot fathom forcing my child to do.

Norman makes Colie work for his forgiveness. She’s going to sit for the portrait but she’s struck out on the hot chocolate.  Bummer.

The portrait sitting gives Colie the opportunity to just look at Norman and visa versa.  Getting your portrait done must be oddly intimate.  I freak out after sitting in the hairdressers chair for two hours, staring at myself in harsh light.  A portrait is a situation where you are under the same scrutiny but it’s not you doing the looking.  Though Norman isn’t scrutinising Colie, more like taking her in.  When he brushes her hair aside, it’s not impersonal.

I wouldn’t be able to not see the portrait.  I would be whining about it also.  I support Colie here one hundred percent.

So it took twelve chapters but Norman finally got me.  By identifying Colie’s shared positive attributes with her mother.  The smile.  Awww.

The whole moon story is an interesting one.  I can’t remember even fearing that the moon had been taken.  But then I have never seen an eclipse that I can remember. I have a very faint memory of being convinced that my breath was pushing the clouds away from the moon when I was about 4.  I can also remember seeing Halley’s Comet in 1986, which does relate back to another Dessen character but isn’t the moon.  I like that Norman got his own monologues that shed some light on his thinking and the distance between his father and himself.  His dad is definitely the throat clearer caller.

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