Keeping the Moon – Chapter 11

The idea of a curling iron setting magazines on fire cracks me up. I once overlooked the fact that I left my hair straighter on for two days. Yep, two whole days. And no, my house didn’t burn down. Miraculously. Worse yet, I did it again the following week despite repeat assertions that it wouldn’t happen again. I really am memory challenged.

“Good eyebrows take maintenance. Deal with it.”

I think mine are screaming for some Isabel-intervention right now. Makeup, good posture and a smile make her beautiful? Why couldn’t she have realised this pre-makeover? While I love Isabel and Morgan’s want to help I can’t help but think it would be better if this change were affected by Colie. The removal of the lip ring was a great move though!

It’s sad that after sharing so many personal things with Chase (and him with her) that she was branded ‘fast’ because she was speaking to him. I hate that he didn’t bother to defend her in that situation and the assumptions made by the evil Caroline. Nothing happens to Chase and yet Colie is branded. The ‘Hole in One’ tag sticks and as a result, any self esteem Colie possessed was destroyed.

I hate that the Josh interaction made her feel better. I am sounding harsh right now but I hate that a guy fractured her reputation with his cowardice and it was a little improved when a guy appears to be interested in her. I get intensely frustrated with Colie, while completely understanding her motivations.

I feel bad for Norman. He’s been nice to her and interested since the beginning and yet Josh is more interesting to her. Who’s the shallow one now?

I love that Colie finally was able to stand up to Caroline. I do feel that there could have been more of a lead up to it, rather than a simple pep talk by Isabel. More effective was the talk between Mira and Colie, there is finally a shared understanding.


2 thoughts on “Keeping the Moon – Chapter 11

  1. Leah says:

    The thing about Josh and her and Norman, i dont feel like she was being shallow at all. More like Josh showed his intrest in her i guess more pronounced then Norman does. Like most girls they dont no that the guy next door likes them, because they dont show it as much as other guy that know they are hott and have confidence. Norman is shy and artistic and the artistic guys i know dont show their emotions except through their art work. But thats the way i see Norman as. I wish she would of had hott chocolate with him though. It sounds delicious.

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