Keeping the Moon – Chapter 10

Necessary girls night supplies:
• Two six packs of beer
• A six pack of Diet Coke
• Two bottles of nail polish
• A pack of fudge stripes
• Cold cream
Okay that sounds okay but where’s a dvd of The Notebook? Oh wait this was written pre-Gosling/Adams rain make out.

The girls have noticed that Colie doesn’t eat anything fun and runs every morning. Time for an intervention!

Morgan shares the fact that she was skeletal skinny and tall as a flagpole in high school. Her nickname was Highwater which makes me think of Hightower, snerk. (Shout out to Police Academy). Isabel changes the subject before she has to share her high school tales of woe. So the conversation reverts to the odious Mark and I will Morgan to dump him pronto.

Hearing Morgan’s side of her phone conversation is like hearing a dog come back for a second kick. The relationship is punishing for everyone observing it and Morgan too (whether or not she’ll acknowledge it.) She continues to make excuses for his poor behaviour and then gets angry at Isabel as she is the only one Morgan feels safe enough to yell at.

“He doesn’t even lead in team errors anymore!”

Oh yeah, he’s a keeper.

I love how Colie is the one to parrot back Morgan’s “friendship impaired” statement about Isabel. Morgan needed a third party to remind her that Isabel’s just trying to keep her from emotional harm.

I feel horribly sad that Colie didn’t feel able to dance in the relative safety of the girls’ lounge room. That the trauma of that dance scarred her deeply.

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