Keeping the Moon – Chapter 9

I would love to see Norman’s room, although I do think that it would be very freaky to have mannequins in your room. You might wake up and imagine someone watching you. Yeesh. And then we are straight into a situation where Colie is the one watching Norman sleep. It’s sweet when its Pacey watching Joey doze, but this seems like an invasion of his privacy.

Kiki obviously cares but the focus that grew her business so fast makes her oblivious to her daughter’s needs. I liked that Colie was able to finally assert herself by telling Kiki how poorly the townspeople treat Mira and that she was staying regardless. The revelation that Kiki only became brave once her clients believed in her is quite interesting. That by faking it she almost willed it into being.

Fourth of July. Isn’t that all barbeques and fireworks? Sounds like fun.

“If something doesn’t work exactly right, or maybe needs some special treatment, you don’t just throw it away. Everything can’t be fully operational all the time.”

This is lovely in theory but I still don’t think it justifies cluttering one’s house with lots of broken crap. It’s just more stuff to collect dust. I get the idea though, people are redeemable. Someone broken can mend. Second chances are a gift.

I want that devilled egg recipe. I love devilled eggs. I don’t think anyone (other than Morgan) was surprised to find that Mark didn’t want to marry her. I love that Isabel didn’t say I told you so even when she had every reason to. It’s definitely time for a Chick Night. Disco, dancing and Sister Sledge – that sounds fun.

I love that Sarah talks about how no one every really teaches you to dance. It doesn’t help when you are completely devoid of rhythm like me as well. The story of the boys mocking Colie as she danced was heartbreaking. The psychological damage that kind of bullying does to a person is horrific. You may lose the weight but you never lose the memories.

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