Keeping the Moon – Chapter 8

“As the weeks passed…”

I feel like I am missing out on so much Dessen goodness.  Darn.  Colie doesn’t have a problem with Mira’s choices anymore but the judgement from others is becoming a little too much to bear.  Rolled eyes, stifled laughter etc can wear a person down after awhile.

“This wasn’t my fight”.

I hate when I hear this.  Just because you are not the victim doesn’t mean you should be passive in these situations.  I mean, glare at the old biddies and the men with shovels.  Show them that their mockery is noticed and is unfair.  Colie is someone who actively shrinks away from the world so this type of behaviour would be standard for her.  If she isn’t going to stand up for herself, she should at least try for someone else.

I am not an overtly excitable person (barring anything SD, YA or FNL related) so hearing Morgan go on about Mark was tough.  I am not one of those girls.  I clearly relate to Isabel and Colie in this situation.  The one who capitulates and allows others to use their house as a love den or works a double shift when they want to do anything but that. 

Mark sounds like an absolute spanner.  Isabel may be cold but she’s got the protective instincts of a rhino.  Beware Mark, mess with the baby and you’ll get a whole heap of horn.  I completely understand where Isabel is coming from though, I hate it when girls cry and need comforting for behaviours they allow their partners to repeat over and over again.  After awhile, that crier isn’t deserving of empathy or sympathy.  As Dr Phil would say, they are enablers.

I love the absolutely klutziness of Norman trying to give Colie a gift.  The repeated banging of the glove compartment had me giggling as I could picture it clearly.  A pair of sunnies is both a cool gift and personal to him.  Nice one.

“He’s the only one who’s ever told her she’s beautiful.  And she’s afraid she’ll never hear it from anyone else.”

I guess that explains why she loves a man that stands her up and makes false promises.  Mark sounds like a keeper (please identity the sarcasm.)  The fact that the lights turned off straight away upon his arrival, implies he’s in the relationship for one thing and it’s not the flowers.

Isabel’s confession that she wasn’t the perfect teenager and that she was afraid too was compelling as Colie had gotten it out of her.  Colie, annoyed with the world and perfection, had voiced everything she thought about Isabel’s perfect high school experience. This is great; Colie had the courage to voice her thoughts without too much thought about the repercussions.  She’s learning to be brave.


A Note from Adele

I promise the SDD podcast is coming but the new podcast I am working on The Read Carpet got launched on the weekend.  The audio is horrific but most people had substandard mics or a bad editor (me).  We will release episodes every two weeks with segments on everything from debut authors to comics in the YA field.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping the Moon – Chapter 8

  1. E. says:

    I have to say that Mark was just the total jerk and it was kind of a surprise to see someone like Morgan fall for it. But it was a nice touch,from a writing perspective, to see two people at odds with their appearances and how they react to it. Colie just wants to be angry and show that she’s angry by being by herself. And Morgan wants to believe in the one person who tells her she’s beautiful so much so that she doesn’t realize he’s a total creep.

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