Keeping the Moon – Chapter 7

So Norman doesn’t just make arty things, he paints too.  I would be impressed but I need to him to initiate some Colie-discussion on the actual pages of this book.   I like my boys with a little more gumption and a little less eyewear.  Colie and he actually collide, forcing a conversation outside of the boundary of Last Chance.  Norman wants to get into art school, how old is he supposed to be?  It’s the summer, he’s applying for art school and he lives with Mira – 18?

Hearing Norman’s little speech about how his painting of Isabel and Morgan represented “…anonymity and familiarity” reminded me of Caroline her spiels about Wes’ art work but less garrulous.   Turns out that he did gain entry into art school so he has to be talented.

Cat Norman is afraid of thunder.  Sarah certainly has a history writing animals that are bonkers.

Norman and Colie get locked out when conducting a fruitless search for Cat Norman at his (literally) fraidy cat best.  Standing before one another, wet with rain, these two finally come to some kind of understanding as they hold hands.  There is an attraction but as this relationship hasn’t been developed all that much on the page, you can’t really say to what degree.  I haven’t learnt enough about Colie or Norman yet to care enough to squee.

Hand holding is quite innocent but it always warms my heart.  Holding the hand of a guy you like is always a treat.  Norman noticed the change in her hair which is miraculous for a member of the male species.  Her hair was wet though.  Would he have been able to tell?

Kiki and her whole ‘become’ speech about the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly was so lame.  But people trust in her because her belief is so strong; both in herself and her abilities to make her clients alter themselves.  That kind of conviction is admirable. 

“I’d been a caterpillar for so long, and although I had shed my cocoon in losing my fat, my coat, and the year that led me here, I wasn’t a butterfly yet.  For now, all I could do was stand on the ground and look up and the sky, not quite ready to leap and rise.”

^ I tell you what; Sarah really showed how well she can close a chapter in this book.

3 thoughts on “Keeping the Moon – Chapter 7

  1. E. says:

    I think the reason why I like Colie so much and why I enjoy Keeping the Moon so much even now, in spite of the fact that it’s been six years since I first read it, is that all of her troubles are the things that we all feel but hoped that no one would notice.

    Isabel reminds me of Remy, in a way. I hope that she and Morgan make a cameo in Along for the Ride. As for Norman, yes, he’s a little strange. He’s more of a sensitive starving artist than Wes is, but I like him and I actually loved the sunglasses bit.

    By the way, the chapter endings and scene endings from this book is what made me seek out more Sarah Dessen novels.

  2. Adele says:

    Thanks for posting E.

    There are a lot of similarities between Remy and Isabel. You can almost see the evolution of future characters in these earlier books, I still love it. I think I was tired when I wrote this response lol

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