Keeping the Moon – Chapter 6

Astrology interests me purely as an entertaining thing to read; more along the lines of a creative writing piece than a life predictive tool. I am not a cynic, I have had my birth date charted but I don’t take a huge amount of stock in it. Mira’s perception of them could be interpreted as being a believer or just going along for a bit of fun. Either way, I think it suits her character perfectly.

Terminator glasses? No one should wear those, even Arnold.

Yay, a Quik Stop is mentioned. Nostalgia for Lakeview floods over me but then I remember that the new SD novel, Along for the Ride, is set in Colby too. Therefore it’s quite fortuitous that I am reading Keeping the Moon now. Bea Williamson is a cow, a self –involved tool. Mira’s reaction shows that she may not be as oblivious to the townspeople as Colie thought she was.

There is a lot of progress being made in the Colie and Norman friendship that has passed in off-page-ville. They’ve been talking a lot, he saves her fat-free chips (what’s the point?) and remakes her faulty orders.

“…he was a sweet art freak…”

The development of this relationship makes it clear that Sarah’s more recent novels spend more time with the evolution of the pairs (Eg Wes and Macy, Nate and Ruby, Annabel and Owen). That being said, Sarah’s newer titles are longer too so she had the room to develop relationships more. Keeping the Moon has Norman and Colie’s relationship develop continuous while we only see it first hand in different points of the summer.

Isabel’s snap at Colie didn’t appear to be warranted, but if they were busy then I might be annoyed with a newbie too. Norman immediately is able to infer what Colie feels. Norman doesn’t seem to have the same reaction in me, as Wes or Owen, as he seems so much more passive. His tracking of her movements could be considered adorable or stalker-ish depending on your interpretation. He seems to be a much more ‘go with the flow’ guy and that’s not really what I like. I want some fire.

Haven’t we all known a Caroline Dawes? I know I have, I try and satisfy myself by telling stories of her probable existence as a single mother of eight or something equally tiresome. ‘Hole in One’ is horrible as is her need to loudly squawk about it in a place unfamiliar to her. She obviously possesses no social awareness and a complete lack of empathy. I think the line –

“Plus she thinks she’s cool because her mom’s Kiki Sparks”

 is a major tell here. I bet Caroline is the one who started the promiscuity rumours about her because she’s jealous of Colie’s current lot in life.

Isabel. I love Isabel. I have said before that I have a tendency to befriend acerbic people. What I love about them most is their loyalty and protectiveness. Isabel didn’t pity Colie or comfort here but just stated the truth about the world –

“The world is chock full of bitchy girls.”

Yes it is. Makeover! I can’t believe that any girl in their latter teen years wouldn’t have learnt to control their eyebrows (with an exception to the Amish). Kudos to Isabel for lasting as long as she did without mentioning it.

The ‘dog’ was obviously Isabel. She had a hard time in high school and resented the world because of it. But Colie brought out her best; she wanted to proactively help this new girl in her life to make sure she didn’t suffer as she had.

“Colie you should never be surprised when people treat you with self respect. You should expect it.”

 I don’t think there’s anything else to say, do you?


A Note from Adele

The last instalment of The Truth About Forever podcast will be up soon. It’s just that this week is the first week back at school here in Oz and I am busy as a bee. I am also working on another YA podcast that is quite involved as it’s just getting set up. More details to come.

I won’t be able to cover Along for the Ride for awhile. Some readers assumed I would be, but unfortunately Australia doesn’t get the book until July 2009.   A good blogging friend is trying to set something up with the American publishers for me, bless her snarky heart!

Steph and Jocelyn have both posted reviews as they have got review copies in their hot little mitts. 

YA Book Realm is asking you to pick your fave SD novel.  Go and participate now!  That’s an order.

2 thoughts on “Keeping the Moon – Chapter 6

  1. Aww, I love the last quote! And like I previously stated before loved the whole make over scene. Great re-cap of the chapter. And I finally cracked and decided to re-read Keeping the Moon. I’m currently in the wait list at my local library.

    And thank *you* for the shout out. Your awesome!

    And I hope you could snag a ARC of ALONG FOR THE RIDE, you obviously deserve it, you know just because you created a blog solely based on SD’s novel and all. 😉

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