Keeping the Moon – Chapter 5

Time has moved by fast.  Colie’s been in Colby for a couple of weeks.  I feel like I missed something in that space of time. 

Colie’s description of being almost able to smell bullying is something that sounds more ridiculous than it truly is.  I think most people are pretty intuitive to when something is about to go down.  Whether it’s your stomach nose diving, a shadow falls over your body when no such shadow exists or, in my case, a neck twitch.  It could be considered paranoia; I choose to call it self-preservation.

Relief that the Gossiping Gerties aren’t talking about her is soon tempered by the fact that they are bitching up a storm about Mira.  Yeah she’s weird but Colie can say that, she’s family.  They, on the other hand, are just hags.  We get an interesting reveal about Norman though, that both his older brothers are star athletes.

Big Headed Baby could not be mistaken.  She of the gargantuan cranium could have her own zip code if she wished.  Poor kid, carrying that weight must make walking impossible.  Apparently this child is mobile which pretty much defies all laws of physics (but good on her!)  Then again, I think karma has bit that mother on the butt for all her backbiting, her daughter’s going to get her unfair share at school.

I don’t get wrestling, I really don’t.  And I never got the hang of wrapping cutlery nice, tight and neat like.  I was the bane of the takeaway cutlery’s existence. 

I love the idea that Mira introduced the concept of nude portraiture to a small town.  No wonder they gossip something fierce about her.  You aren’t considered local in those kinds of town unless you go further back than four generations or you reside in the cemetery.  Mira had no hope.  Though she has seemingly found her niche with the “strays”.

I am personally glad that Mira freaked out about book banning.  I think it’s a shoddy practise by those who are narrow minded, who struggle reading or just plain hate the written word.  Idiots. 

So what’s up with Isabel?  Drugs?  Men?  Secret night job?  Whatever it is, Morgan’s on her case.  I have to admit that the last thing you need in a housemate is a surrogate mother.  Eeek.  I love that there little squabbling is very quickly brushed aside when Isabel starts dishing the goss on her sailing date.  They obviously have the memory span of goldfish.

I think Colie finds Morgan and Isabel fascinating as she doesn’t have any girlfriends of her own.  The whole concept of having people who you can argue with and rely on is completely foreign to her which is so very sad. 

“I was amazed that they had so much to talk about.  From the second they saw each other, there was constant laughing and sarcasm and commentary, something connecting them that pulled taut or fell limp with each thought spoken.  Their words like the music, had the potential to be endless.”


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