Keeping the Moon – Chapter 4

I laugh heartily when I read Morgan’s words about waitressing –

“Oh, it’s not so awful. Besides, we have a good time, right?”

This is a person who attempted retribution on low tippers and stresses majorly at every part of the job.  I don’t think she’s the right person to persuade Colie that the job is fun. 

Day-trippers.  Quite insulting.  I used to live in a seaside town famous for the tourists and we felt the same way.  Idiots, who couldn’t drive, read road signs or spoke to locals like we were three generations down from a VCA coupling.  The disdain is earned.

Okay.  Had Mira rode up to me wearing what she was and cha-chinging her stupid bike bell then I think I would have disowned her.  How mortifying.  All I can think is perhaps Mum was going easy on me when she’d pick me up from school with her bleach stained, track pants. 

“Mayonnaise…is a lot like men.  It can make everything much better, adding flavour and ease to your life.  Or, it can just be sticky and gross and make you nauseous.” 

I like it better than the toilet metaphor.  Morgan seems like an individual that would be full of weird pieces of wisdom.  I thin Morgan’s pronouncements and meticulousness is why she has panic attacks or whatever they are.  She needs to get in touch with her chi or Dr Phil or take some Xanax. 

Isabel is a passive-aggressive.  I think I like her more because of it.

Us against Them.  Well that is something I am very familiar with from my multitude of teen-years employment – dish washing, food service, night fill and babysitting.  Weirdly, it is a philosophy that works for every position I held, especially the latter.  Taking orders when you don’t know the menu would have to be an absolute nightmare, no wonder she was screwing up.  But you all have to learn somewhere huh?

Colie’s note about customers not seeing her is also true.  Some people wouldn’t treat you the way they do, if they did.  I think invisibility in the greatest gift in the food service industry. 

I can deal with cluttered but dusty is just ewww.  Mira needs to use some of her bike riding, bell ringing energy to clean her house.  She has the money to hire a cleaner too.  Curious.  We get the reveal that Kiki was offered money when she was moving place to place but she had refused it. Allowing her daughter and herself to live in a car?  There’s pride and then there’s pride.  Making your child sleep in a car unnecessarily is a no-no.


A Note from Adele

I am having Simmone Howell Week over at Persnickety Snark this week.  Simmone is the author of Notes from the Teenage Underground and Everything Beautiful.  Come by and check out her snapshot, interview and guest blog.

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