Keeping the Moon – Chapter 3

The copious amounts of labels on everything would give me the irrits. Couldn’t Mira just sit down with her and explain the more salient things to be aware of? I guess that makes too much sense. Colie’s fixation on Mira’s weight is a little frustrating. She’s put more effort into that than actually trying to have a conversation with the women. It takes two to chin wag, unless you are one of those crazies on the bus that chooses to speak to themselves.

I love that Colie’s put her Kiki exercise goods in with the stockpile that has been sent to Mira over the years.

The more I hear about Colie’s mother, the more I realise she’s a selfish cow. There was a reason Mira inherited all their parent’s money. It’s all about control. By moving around constantly in the old days, Kiki was in control of her own destiny. These days she’s found another way to be in control and make a lot of money. She’s still trying to exert control over her sister, and not for any well meaning way of improving her health. She dumped her daughter on a sister she has a rocky relationship with. Fat or thin, Kiki needs a transformation, a transformation of the personality kind.

Colie’s need to work off the ‘stuffing for nothing’ seems more guilt related (aka mother’s shadow) than anything else. I feel bad for her. Sure she looks better than she ever has specifically her weight, but it’s no way to live. Guilt trips over eating something fun every now and then, isn’t healthy mentally.

Specialised cards. I have never even seen my mailman. I doubt that, should he die (knock on wood), I would even know, let alone send a card to his widow. Mira is a strange one. Choosing to compose condolence cards takes a special kind of person. She has a good heart.

Art freak. Snerk. Norman wears weird sunglasses and collects odds and ends for his art work. In some ways he’s the hippy, slightly blurry, early version of Wes. Wes was just much more defined and I like him a lot more.

The big headed baby conversation cracked me up. Aren’t they the most hilarious things ever? And you know parents try and convince themselves that their child is going to be wickedly intelligent. I like to focus on the uneven distribution of cranium weight and how it affects their waddling walk. It cracks me up, soooo cute.

Colie changes her shirt twice before going to join Norman. She might not realise it yet but she likes him.

How fortunate and weirdly coincidental that Norman knew that the Last Chace would be rushed off their feet. Did he feel it in the wind? Nevertheless, Colie gets recruited to wait on the seventy tourists in Morgan and Isabel’s time of need. Morgan’s freak out represents her complete inability to deal with pressure situations and Isabel’s ability to focus her. I like this partnership.


A Note from Adele

Thanks to Lenore for trying to get me hooked up with a review copy of Along for the Ride. She was so lovely and I can’t thank her enough. Fingers crossed. Check out Lenore over at her blog.

The first blogger review of Along for the Ride is up at the Reviewer X site. Steph wrote a beautiful review and it made me hungrier to read it. Steph has also been amazingly supportive in my new book reviewing endeavour over at Persnickety Snark and I feel lucky to have gotten to know her the last few weeks.

In the next week or so you will hear about a new project that I have been working on.  Along with the help of many YA bloggers and others, we will launch something new for the YA community.  I can’t reveal what it is but it’s super collaborative and loads of fun.  Are you tingling with suspence yet?

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