Keeping the Moon – Chapter 2

Mira sends Colie to fetch food. I love that Mira wears bright clothes and enjoys wrestling but it’s hard to see her as something other than a stereotype of a housebound, obese woman. At the moment she is a little clichéd, almost afraid to leave the house. I am hoping there is some more scope there because her lack of movement is a little frustrating. I can’t believe she is sending her niece off on a bike, in the dark, to a place she’s never been before. Colie may be nearing adulthood but where’s the supervision for goodness sakes? At least let her get acquainted with the place.

So Morgan – the tall, skinny, flat footed waitress decides to quit krafter another lousy tip. Norman, slow and sweet Norman, is the fry cook at Last Chance and wears blue sunglasses on his head. Apparently Morgan quitting is a thing that happens quite a lot. As Morgan is described I see a very clear picture of Gia from Veronica Mars in my head (see left).

Isabel immediately calls Colie’s lip ring creepy and I have to agree. I like Isabel. Then she calls it repulsive. Again I have to agree. Her bluntness is a little shocking but I tend to befriend people without filters. It’s my gift. That being said Isabel was very forthright to someone she didn’t know. Downright rude. I think I have already had enough of Colby and her self-pity.

“Isabel had hated me on sight, and not because I was fat. Just because she could.”

Sigh. Okay, people don’t hate you because you are fat. If you are fat and they hate you it’s usually because your weight has increased your insecurities.   Isabel doesn’t hate Colie, just because you are rude to someone doesn’t automatically mean you hate them. It wasn’t just because she could either. Colie’s clothing, her lip piercing, her hair dye, her lack of eye contact and her tone all contributed to Isabel’s reaction. People judge on appearances and Colie’s gone out of her way to differentiate herself as something other than fat. Now she’s coming across as a non-verbal, scary emo type without fashion sense. She’s shows her lack of love for herself in other ways.

Sometimes defensiveness is the obstacle that brings on distrust. People don’t respond to cold, distant and removed.

Isabel is apparently perfection incarnate with her blond hair and blue eyes. Again looks aren’t everything. You may look perfect and life may be easier (in some arenas) for you because of it but in no way does it guarantee happiness. Happiness is within the grasp of all, not just the aesthetically pleasing.

I really enjoyed the exchange between Morgan and Isabel . That the brunette forced her friend to apologise. I think they even role played the situation!

“She’s not so bad. She can just be a real bitch sometimes. Mark says she’s friendship impaired.”

That gave me cause for laughter because I think the same can be said for Colie. There has been no talk of friends; her life is her fitness-focused mother. Colie wants to get pulled into the light with the girls.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping the Moon – Chapter 2

  1. Ahh I do remember the first encounter with Isabel, and I thought she was a little bitchy. Kinda reminds me of a friend I have, how ironic. But one of my favorite scenes is when Isabel gives Collie the make over. Love,love, love that scene. I don’t what with me and those make overs. I love those scenes in books/movies.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter, it’s like I’m re-reading the book.

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