The Truth About Forever – Was it Rogerson?

Sarah Dessen is understandably working her tush off at the moment preparing for the release of Along for the Ride.  Hopefully later in the year I can interview her again about the books I have covered after Lock and Key.

But I had a question that was searing a hole in my brain and I had to know.  So I emailed Sarah and she kindly answered, can I say again what a gem she is. 

My question – Kristy’s sitting on a dreadlocked guy’s lap at one of the parties in The Truth About Forever (Chapter 10).  Is that a coincidence or is it Rogerson?

I did not intentionally mean for it to be Rogerson. But I kind of like the possibility that it COULD be. Hmm……

And there we have it.  Three cheers for the awesomeness that is Sarah Dessen!


3 thoughts on “The Truth About Forever – Was it Rogerson?

  1. Leah says:

    The funny this about you asking that is that, in the book Lock and Key, there was another character named Rogerson, he was the friend of the guy you called a douch i think, Ruby’s some what boyfriend, but he is the guy from Dreamland also. I think its so cool she does all of these cameos but i do agree with you, she is a gem.

  2. DaisyAlice says:

    I remember in Just Listen that when Owen and Annabel went to that breakfast place they saw a boy and a girl with track suits. Do you think it is Wes and Macy and that place is the Waffle place they went to in The Truth About Forever?

    • AnnieLeigh says:

      I’m pretty positive the couple is Macy and Wes. It mentions that Annabel can see a mostly hidden tattoo on the guy’s arm. That was repeated in The Truth About Forever quite a bit. I love the cameos :]

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