Keeping the Moon – Chapter 1

Colie has a mother that every teenager would be ashamed of. Not being a former fattie but selling her wares (in this case her exercise regime) via television. Imagine one of your parents as a world famous weight shedding guru – yeesh. How much embarrassment (have you seen exercise garb?) and pressure (to be thin yourself) can one person take? Turns out not too bad, if you are Colie. What makes it bad is the having to stay in a Podunk town with an unfamiliar relative.

I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t take a pretty self-sufficient teenager with you on a European tour. It would be an awesome experience and obviously they are fond of one another. I guess it gets her to Colby and maybe I have forgotten something pertinent to the story. Kiki might be working the entire time but it seems a bit rough on Colie.

I admire Colie’s mother for what she has achieved in three years. Both the weight loss and professional success wouldn’t have occurred if not for her determination. It must be very weird for her daughter to reconcile two vastly different mothers in her mind.

But then Colie is trying to reconcile two versions of herself as well. She might be lighter and healthier but the emotional scars from being overweight continue to haunt her. I can relate. She tortures herself by reliving the past bullying. Interestingly, as food is no longer an avenue for solace, she shows her anger about the summer in dyeing her hair black. Colie definitely likes to show her feelings in an outward, passive-aggressive manner.

Norman the Hippy apparently smells like patchouli (I immediately thought of Wes and his dislike of it). I don’t know about you but I sometimes imagine waving a big magic wand, making all Sarah Dessen’s characters real and trapping them in a room. Or maybe Sarah could write a novel with switching perspectives where these characters deal more directly with one another? Just an idea as the magic wand thing may not work.

Norman doesn’t make much of an impression on Colie but the opposite is true for her. He gets the pleasure of seeing a Buttmaster atop her luggage; how he didn’t laugh I don’t know. Norman collects limbless manikins and Colie has a pierced lip. What a fine couple they make.

I am extremely curious to why all the boys back home think she’s a slut. I haven’t gotten that impression of her and since when do people need evidence to brand a girl with that title? M

ira’s porch, it surrounds her house, is like my dream feature in a house. I was talking to my brother about it and turns out that’s his little dream too. Weird. I like the idea of sitting out on your veranda (Aussie terminology, I think) and taking the world in. I find it very weird that Mira wouldn’t come out of her house to greet this niece of hers.

I love the idea of a bike with fins. Fish might not be able to ride but apparently bikes can swim. Sorry, bad joke.

Cat Norman – a fat tabby with issues and a horrible name. I think Sarah has a penchant for pets with psychiatric problems.

Mira sounds like a wildly artistic individual from the description of her clothing and her tendency to view wrestling. It would be impossible to make this character boring with the introduction she’s had. Labelling a doorbell? Fabulously weird.

Norman (the dude) lives downstairs and is a master jar opener, temporary chauffeur and inspiration for the cat’s name. He obviously so laid back that he might be comatose. He’s a little blah right now but I do know that he wins me over.

I have forgotten the importance of the notes around the house so I am eager to rediscover why they are everywhere. I had also forgotten the wrestle-mania that Mira possesses. El Gigantico sounds like a beast.

I think I would be feeling equally trapped by my circumstances had I been Colie. I probably would have a trunk of books on me so I might have had an easy ‘out’. No matter though, this summer journey is just beginning. ____________________________________________________

A Note from Adele

Sorry for the delay but I like to have a breather in between novels. I hope to update every 1-2 days, which means I could be done soon if I stay on track.

Remember comments are always appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping the Moon – Chapter 1

  1. Yaay first Chapter up! I read this ovel way back in 7th grade and it was my first SD novel and I feel in love.

    I forgot about the whole butt master scene in the book. lol I would be mortified if a guy saw that.

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