The Truth About Forever – Chapter 21

The party is a success and Deborah is enjoying herself.  I guess Hell has frozen over because the ice has left the Queen household. 

Crikey.  Jason has turned up.  Arg.  My crankiness at reading of his arrival is lessened by the hilarity of Kristy, Monica and Deborah hovering.  We all know that if our friend was in that situation, we would be hovering and giving him the evil eye in equal measure.  Don’t try to deny it!

Jason’s views on Wes’ art just reinforce the belief that this guy lacks creativity and vision.  It will cost him in the long run.  Being that literal, all the time, will only make you disappointed a lot of the time.  I feel pity for him.  He would not see what Macy sees in the Wish crew.  She sees joy, magnetism, understanding, truth and comfort and he would see scars, junk and a rusty ambulance.  Like Macy comments regarding Jason, there will be no surprises for him and while we may pity him, he won’t see himself missing anything.

He made the sea glass, winged sculpture for her.  My heart jerks in my chest because he has seen what he believes to be reconciliation between Macy and Jason.  I am such a sap. 

The first time Macy has run in eighteen months and it’s to Wes.  How poetic is that?  Running toward hope. 

SHE KISSES HIM!! Hallelujah. 


One thought on “The Truth About Forever – Chapter 21

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