The Truth About Forever – Chapter 20

Deborah needs one of those movie slaps that snaps people out of hysteria.  I fear she has a stroke or a heart attack approaching.  Maybe a drink of something strong and stiff might be necessary? The soap dish was the straw that broke the Deborah Camel’s back.  I felt exceedingly bad for her and regret my comment that she deserves it.  She’s lucky that the Wish crew are experts in catering in catastrophic situations.

The epiphany that Macy experiences about how terrifying it is to see someone you love change in front of you is amazing.  That while Macy was growing in positive ways, Deborah was doing the exact opposite and they were terrifying one another.  Hugs heal, people.  They needed to do this sooner.  I had lunch with my family today and as I was ordering I had my arm slung over my mother’s shoulders.  I have to remind myself that it isn’t like this for some people.  Not all families hug goodbye, rub one another’s heads or elbow one another in the gut.  I really believe that hugs are an important element between parent and child.  That being said, my father is someone who is a horrible hugger because he just doesn’t get it.  Que sera sera. 

Delia’s reasoning is correct, if people are well fed that are forgiving of pretty much everything.  Never tell me something bad when I am hungry!

I was going to make a bi statement about Kristy’s little outburst but I think it’s more effective to quote it –

“Wes wants to be with Macy.  And Macy, whether she’ll admit it or not, wants to be with Wes.  And yet they’re not together, which is not only unjust, but really, when you think about it, tragical.”

Yes Kristy, it truly is tragical.  (Excuse me while I giggle myself silly.)  I would be beyond mortified if one of my friends spilled all the details of my not-quite-romance in front of my mother and sister.  I would be dying.  But I love Kristy and it’s not me, so I can be forgiving. 

And here Monica decides to speak.  It felt a little like Silent Bob (Mallrats) breaking his silence to provide a profound revelation.  But this wasn’t the case, Monica used Macy’s own words to propel her into action.  To just go for it.


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Forever – Chapter 20

  1. Leah says:

    I want to say that this is the chapter of Debora’s open house party that almost got ruined. But my favorit part was when the angel with wings was found. and Instantly before i even read the part out loud i said its so she can fly. I loved that part so much, I was hopeing Wes was going to make a sculputer of her at some point. I love it!!

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