The Truth About Forever – Chapter 19

Everything that could go wrong was going wrong for the party.  Does it make me horrible, if I say that Deborah deserves it (just a little)? 

I think its fun to hear Caroline rave about Wes and his artistry.  Caroline asking her mother if Macy had told her about him was giggle worthy.  Deborah never bothered to ask about anything.  She only cared that he had been incarcerated at some point.  I hope this isn’t lost on her.    Not only is Wes a talented artist but has been studying at college too.  That boy really doesn’t like to toot his own horn. 

Wes’ sculpture was always going to be part of the party solution.  It felt a little too convenient that there happened to be a topography issue.  I guess its part of the entire Wish crew coming to rescue the Queens regardless of Deborah’s less than stellar treatment of them.  

Wes is staring at his sculptures place in the Queens front yard.  What is a teenage boy doing up at seven am in the morning?  I like that she’s the proactive one, saying what her concerns are clearly and how the events of “that night” affected her.  She’s being assertive and I like it on her.  There’s no diddling around here, it’s straight to the heart of the matter. 

Macy tells Wes that she wants them to go their own ways.  LIAR.  I guess her truth ran out after she’d filled a certain quota.  She broke the rules because she couldn’t chance it.  And they are interrupted by a shredded tent?  Hmmm.

Everything else for the party preparation goes to another level of bad.  Yet in the midst of all that chaos, Macy finds her calm just as she had that first night when the Wish crew catered her mother’s party.  She begins to unwrap her father’s gift while deciding to also tell Wes her last, final Truth.

3 thoughts on “The Truth About Forever – Chapter 19

  1. Kellie says:

    Are you going to update The Truth About Forever Podcasts’ on itunes…I really hope so because there is only 2 episodes. By the way Good job I ❤ your podcasts.

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  3. So her dad gave her the gift…but when??

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