The Truth About Forever – Chapter 18

Deborah Queen is working herself into an early grave.

Macy is able to tell Jason in email, what she should have told him from the beginning. The Truth. It will set you free after all. I like that she didn’t completely dismiss him though. He’s in a time of need and she’s there for him in a way that is good for her. Weirdly, being less available seems to be working in making him more interested. Ewwww.

Kristy found her extraordinary guy in Baxter. I am happy for her.

We see that Deborah is putting work ahead of both her daughters. At least she’s equal opportunity in her distance. She really doesn’t want to see that beach house. Avoidance isn’t a good look on her. Watching Caroline on the brunt of the Deborah the Ice Queen treatment –

“I’d never thought I had that much in common with my sister, but now, watching her, I felt some sense of solidarity.”

I really feel for these girls.

Then Caroline lets rip. I felt like cheering I really did. Although I did wish that Macy had summoned the courage to say how she felt instead of her sister being her mouthpiece. It’s like the Queen family is a giant block of ice and over the summer, the ice has been cracking little by little. With this one confrontation, all the pieces finally broke away from one another.

Deborah is going to hire the Wish crew. Colour me happy with joy.

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