The Truth About Forever – Chapter 17

I would choose the ice queen method as well. Sulking gets tiresome after awhile and the iciness really get on parent’s nerves after some time so it’s win-win. Let’s face it though – the Queen house has been an icy for a lot longer than the punishment period.

Wes is an absolute angel trying to reassure her about the exile imposed upon her. I think I would be the misery princess just like Macy though. I would be bored out of my brain and bitterly whinging about losing precious Wes time. At least they are talking, talking is better than a cone of silence.

Kristy’s Baxter sounds like a gem.

Jason’s letter starts off sounding like a letter from an employer to an employee. Distant and lacking in any personality. I feel bad that his grandmother is ill but for it to take that for him to develop even a modicum of empathy is too little, too late.

A female Bert – words cannot even express the sound in my head right now.

Wes is being purposefully distant and like Macy, I don’t like it. She made a jail break for you buddy! But then Macy goes and mentions Jason. We all know why she did this, to gauge whether or not Wes is truly disinterested in her. Sort of a low thing to say but completely understandable. Macy uses Jason to get his interest but also to express that all the progress she’s making is slipping away. I felt like it was almost her attempt to get him to rescue her. That’s not Wes’ way; it’s something she needs to do for herself. To be blunt, Macy’s “casual” mention of Jason sounded a little like emotional blackmail which is seriously unfair.

Wes is on a date with Becky at their place. Of course it could have been Becky and Wes’ place prior to Macy’s arrival on the Wish scene but whatever. My heart did go out to her though.

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