The Truth About Forever – Chapter 16

If someone ever answers your question about their wellbeing with “I’m fine” then you know 1) they are not and 2) they DON’T want to talk about it right now. The jumping back and forth between her two experiences in an ambulance are interesting. Both times Macy had been holding the patient’s hand. With her father, he had already stopped breathing and the paramedics had been actively trying to revive him. With Delia, she’s calling her husband, making arrangements and rejecting the oxygen. It’s the same but oh so very different.

Wes realised that this whole ordeal would be taxing on her. Macy chooses to focus on Delia and her needs, rather than her own fears. My how she’s grown, she is still putting others first but she’s taking chances while doing so.

I am with Wes; there is no situation where a chocolate doughnut can be turned down. You must eat it when offered.

When looking upon the fresh face of little Avery a surge of emotions engulf Macy. She finally felt the need to cry for her loss, her mother’s loss and her sister’s loss. She finally tapped into the place where it was okay for her to feel it, rather than fear it. And Wes was there to be her anchor while she let every fear, her loss; her anger and her guilt dissolve away as would her tears. How’s that for cathartic?

Wes’ kinda-sorta-mighta request for her to join him running so he can ask his question was very smart of him. She knew what he was getting at but he wasn’t being pushy, he was just being Wes. I think he has the best chance of anyone to get her hitting the pavement again.

I understand why Deborah is upset. It’s terrifying when you don’t know where a child is. Macy did leave a message when she was able though. I can see both sides but had I been Macy I would have done exactly the same thing. No regrets.

The next passage clarifies and justifies Deborah’s anger. Parents tend to get angry when they are afraid, it’s sometimes a better alternative to being sad. Having misplaced her child for hours upon hours would have been terrifying. That being said, Jason had no business speaking to Deborah about Macy and how come Deborah has time to talk to Jason and not her own daughter?

Caroline’s apology cram session was hysterical. This was part of her everyday life in that house and I think she enjoys seeing Macy getting her hands dirty. This is what she wanted for her sister, not to be in trouble but to experience life in all its glory.

Deborah overreacts in a big way. I think her conditions are driven by fear and a need to keep her daughter close. She doesn’t want to lose her daughter like she did her husband. Those hours where she didn’t know Macy’s whereabouts were painful for her. I immediately saw it from Macy’s perspective, the unfairness of it all plus Deborah’s inability to even try and listen. But it’s understandable. In having Macy work with her she can keep her attached. She can protect her and her interests. She wasn’t able to do that with Joe. I feel sad for her as her actions, motivated by keeping her daughter close, will inevitably drive her away.

Poor Wes.


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Forever – Chapter 16

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  2. Anna says:

    i would just love to thank you for this website you put together. you see, i had to finish a book report on this book tonight and i FORGOT THE BOOK AT SCHOOL this helped me more than you can know

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