The Truth About Forever – Chapter 15

It might be the teacher in me but I love watching kids draw with crayon. The determination and focus on their face, their chubby fingers gripped oafishly but tightly around the crayon and the occasional sightings of concentration tongue. I just love it so the image of Lucy got me all mushy inside.

I love that Macy was able to shock him with her display of self-wroth and righteousness. I would like to quit in a spectacular movie recreation way one time in my life but I love my job so I doubt it will even occur. It was very cool, the only thing I might have changed was I may have kicked my chair over then walked over and deliberately mussed the Perfection Brigades hair.

Bert being overlooked in preference to Wes’ assistance in the lifting department. Priceless. Poor Bert indeed.

Things are going alone very fortuitously for Wish Catering. I am immediately suspicious, just like Delia. We finally get a Macy and Delia one on one scene with a discussion about motherhood. It is interesting that the only other pivotal adult character in the book is a mother, like Deborah. I think Delia gives Macy hope where Deborah had taken it away with her dismissive nature and general inability to focus on her daughter’s needs (instead of the business’.)

I wish, for just a second that I could hear Bert shriek as Wes pulled a Gotcha on him.

I think Wes is a tad focused on Jason. He’s fixated on the idea that Macy’s thinking about him, rather than her own mother and their issues. I think it’s cute to see him a little at sea. The stupid lady with the bad eyesight ruined a moment after Macy had confided that she and Jason were done. Blast.

Then all the good luck of the night makes sense when Delia goes into labour. It was the calm before the storm. The storm being Delia’s baby wanted to make its entrance.


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Forever – Chapter 15

  1. Leah says:

    If i got the chapter wrong im sorry, but i think it was this chapter where she quit the Library job. And oh my gosh, i squeald so loud my dogs jumped. That part was my favorit, because she quit like ive always wanted to quit a job. I dont thing i have enough guts to do it though.

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