The Truth About Forever – Chapter 14

I am no dream psychologist but to dream about your deceased father and a car accident can mean no good. I think you lose all rights to have a serious talk with your child with the phone ringing off the hook. I gather that it’s a very important day for Deborah’s company but would it kill her to put the cell on silent for 5 minutes? Her priorities are majorly screwed up.

The scene between Deborah and Macy in the car struck a major chord with me. I once had an intensely personal conversation in the car with my mother, but in this case it was initiated by her. I can definitely understand Deborah’s uneasiness. My mother and I were driving down a highway and I can remember clearly considering whether the probable injuries received from jumping out of the moving car would be worth not being in the car anymore. What I am trying to say is that Macy chose a great place to share with her reluctant mother. I am still incredibly angry that Deborah isn’t being more receptive to Macy’s feelings about Joe. A girl needs to be able to discuss her father without feeling guilty.

“It was only a dream.”

They were the words of a dismissive battleaxe severing nearly all familial ties.

Instead of thinking or stressing about Jason’s reappearance, I would have been considering the many colourful ways to say ‘sod off’. I loved that Wes decided to play the Perfect Brigade with his prettiness. It showed that he’s uber-slick. But he’s not so slick that he couldn’t resist asking about Jason. Oh Wes, you really do care!
Run into the light, Macy. Run into it with Wes. Reunite with the tongs and mayonnaise. How romantic.

I can tell the novel is beginning to wind up, as in typical Dessen fashion; the chapters have drastically reduced in length. Wow this has been quick.

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