The Truth About Forever – Chapter 13

Ahh the age old debate of which colour to choose – egg shell or cream? Looking at swatches or paint chips is my idea of being stuck in an elevator with Paris Hilton and Vanessa Anne Hudgens – clawing one’s eyes out sounds vastly appealing. Actually they are kind of pretty. Maybe doing a van Gogh would be a better option as both of them have hideous girly voices.

Where was I? Oh yes, paint chips. Crickets.

The Wish crew in the Queen home? It’s like dumping buckets of paint onto toddlers and letting them loose in a museum. Good luck. Bert’s rants about missing “his show” sounded like someone I know, me. If I miss Friday Night Lights I am like a tigress. Don’t get between me and Tim Riggins, people! The Queen house would seem like another planet to these people. The house is pretty much devoid of any personality unlike the colourful clutter of Wes’ home.

Monica’s a fish? I don’t see it.

Macy’s mum’s waiting in the dark routine was a little creepy. Actually it was way creepy. She should have introduced herself from the beginning. Whether it was shock that Macy had people over or she was deliberately trying to unnerve them, it was weird. Even worse, her comments about Kristy (though well intentioned) made my hackles rise.

You would think that seeing and hearing her daughter laugh would make this woman happy. Instead she pulls down the shutters and pushed everyone out. The comment about Jason’s return was a low blow. If you think about it, it was the reverse of Kristy’s machinations in the previous chapter. Macy’s mother had made a big deal about Jason to shut Wes out. What a cow!

A Note from Adele
In line with the previous chapter I am going to lay some blame on another fictional character. I blame my beloved Lizzie Bennett for making me sa-woon for emotionally unavailable, Darcy-types.

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