The Truth About Forever – Chapter 12

We pick up chapter 12 with the continuance of the Truth game. I like this game as a casual observer but I could see it getting ugly if I were to play it in reality. Clown fear seems to be a common thing, it even has a name, coulrophobia, and there’s a website – This makes me laugh because it seems ridiculous but then again I did see IT. I even love that the towering hunk of spunk, Sam Winchester, on CW’s Supernatural is a coulrophobic. At least, Wes is in a good looking boat of clown haters!

Patchouli? He hates the smell of patchouli. Doesn’t everyone?

I have fortunately never had someone vomit on me. I have had to clean up substantial amounts off of students and also caught it but never sprayed on me (knock on wood). Spit and snot too. I think that classifies as equally gross.

I love that Bert is so passionate about everything. It’s better to care than to be truly ambivalent about everything. I don’t think Bert’s Armageddon theories and love for his car are necessarily bad things though. My brother’s belief that Pathfinder is a good movie is however a colossally bad thing.

A horrendous overuse of cologne plus a t-shirt with an Armageddon slogan just makes me heart Bert more. He really is a darling. Some nerdette or geektress will be very lucky someday. I am relieved that Macy was present to assist him in clothing himself because he sure did need it. The continual use of the word overpowering as an adjective was hilarious. This was mainly due to the fact that Bert was completely oblivious to what they actually meant.

I think my heart melted into a big, splotchy, pink puddle when Wes twisted Bert’s tie into place and slipped him a twenty. I am the eldest sibling and I completely understand the need to protect (and sometimes coddle). It shows heart.

If the waffle midnight breakfast didn’t count as a date then surely the party/car parts does. Doesn’t it? It’s weird, girl logic that you prove your indifference to one guy but flirting with another. To be perfectly honest I don’t know when or where it began but I can picture women in the 13th century in those ridiculously padded skirts and tight corsets doing the same thing. Why most boys don’t spot this a mile away, I don’t know. I mean it’s demonstrated in every single romantic-comedy, chick flick movie I have ever seen. Oops I forget, boys don’t see chick flicks.

Apparently getting someone intoxicated and trapped in a kitchen with available boys will 1) help a girl to loosen up and 2) make Cheekbone Boy jealous. I would just be worried about Macy causing someone else’s ‘grossest moment’ by showering them with vomit. Kristy was watching her with the intensity of a stalker so I guess Macy was never in danger, so much as potential abdominal distress and subsequent pukage.

I don’t think I have ever read a YA novel where the football player wasn’t a douche and/or a date rapist. I figure its karmic payback as these guys were probably horrible to YA authors everywhere throughout high school. Hammy hands, yuck. After all those beers his breath would be particularly rank but the fact that she isn’t into him is a priority.

It’s amazing that holding someone’s hand can mean so much. We are indoctrinated into thinking the bigger the better, moments I mean. The first kiss or the first tumble. But can you remember the first hug or the first time your fingers entwined. It felt nice didn’t it? I think sometimes those moments are lost for the flashier alternatives, but sometimes they mean more. Wes and Macy have been holding on to one another figuratively for a while now. This is the first time they did it in the literal sense. Pity it took some beer, a whole heap of Kristy machinations and a jerk named Hank to get there.

Quik Zip – the cultural home of all things Sarah Dessen. I was kind of hoping to see someone I knew in the parking lot.

Macy’s revelations about what she would say to her mother, if she could, aren’t all that surprising. They need to be said…and soon. The distance between her mother and herself is widening and only truth and some courage will bridge the gap. I doubt very much that it will come from her mother. I also hope that it doesn’t occur when Macy smells like hops.

So close yet so far. Near kiss. Gone.

And then Wes passes on the question-

“What’s the one thing you’d you do…if you could do anything?”

KISSSSSSS HER!!!! Now we have the monumental wait of what Wes’ game changing question will be. Sarah, you are a cruel mistress!

A Note from Adele
I have been busy trying to write reviews for Persnickety Snark, my YA review blog. Check it out. I have some cool things coming up after writing copious amounts of emails using the words grateful, please, generosity and thank you.

Big shout out to Steph aka Ms Reviewer X. She listed me as one of her fave blogs and it introduced many people to this site. I didn’t realise until I started P.Snark that I was operating outside of the YA blogging community with SD Diarist. Regardless, I welcome old and new. There will be a new podcast recorded tomorrow. I recorded one a few days ago but decided to delete it when I had a self-conscious meltdown over how stupid I sounded. I need a Kristy!

Sarah. If you are reading this, I think you are making me psychosomatic. Every time you have an illness or what not, so do I. We had food poisoning at the same time and now I am having bouts of insomnia – I blame Auden. Yeah she’s fictional and yes I haven’t read anything about her but it’s Auden’s fault!


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