The Truth About Forever – Chapter 9

I am sorry to the pessimist but I hate it when someone refers to their profession or hobby as their “calling”.   For some reason it grates on my nerves but I have no problem with people talking about fate or destiny or meant to be, just the “calling” factor.  I think it’s due to my belief that it should be reserved to those of religion; interior decorating just doesn’t cut the mustard as far as I am concerned.  Caroline might like decorating but had she not married a rich man, she would probably have no hand in it at all.  However Macy seems to be “meant’ to shell shrimp.  Hilarious.

Antiques + Monica = probable disaster.

I love the reveal that Bert’s “calling” is stain removal.  Wouldn’t you be bummed if that was your one great gift in life?  Sure you might be able to make copious amounts of money but its a little blah.  Am I right?

It is embarrassing to be caught on your hands and knees cleaning in front of anyone, let alone your ex-boyfriend’s mother.  It’s not the cleaning that is embarrassing for me, but rather having my tush right up there in the air.  Can I just say that I really don’t see how a second job waitressing would take away from one’s effectiveness at a library help desk?  Especially when one is not allowed to do anything at the library desk?  Macy can certainly offer help at the library and clean stains in the same twenty-four hour period.  It’s like they all believe she’s stupid or something.

I love that Kristy diagnoses Monica’s shut-down nature as being due to her embarrassment for being a walking disaster.  I don’t actually believe that but I think its funny nevertheless.  If you really think about it, why talk when your sister will for you? 

Jason’s father’s comment that taking a second job was “ambitious” was just plain ridiculous.  It’s like they think she’s deaf and mute or something.  I think I might have taken great offence if my high school boyfriend’s parents had insinuated themselves onto me in such a way.  I nearly cheered with her passive aggressive comment about Jason, for him it is a full time commitment.  If you aren’t working 40 hours a week, it ain’t full time dude.  Even worse he offers some inane platitudes about the break up – who over shares with parents in that way?  Jason is a robot or created in a lab (his parents are scientists, right?)

“It’s the principal of the thing…I can’t”

Kristy’s response to cutting off Jason’s father’s shrimp supply with a possible foot stomp on the way is classic.  This character has captured my heart by not allowing Macy, or others, take her for granted.

I realised that Wes and Caroline have something in common.  Both use the technique of focusing on the task at hand to distract Macy when her feelings might overwhelm her.  Wes never does what is expected, she was waiting for the pity and instead was handed a tray.  He’s a keeper.

I cannot believe Delia is doing all that work with three weeks until her baby is born.  She sure has stamina.

Stranded.  Stranded with a very good looking, practical, artistic, hot boy – delish.  Boredom evolves into a game of last letter, first letter where it’s revealed that Macy’s a rule follower.  I had to laugh at Wes’ exasperation as I complete understood where he was coming from.  I have yet to play Monopoly by the rules, or even read them.  I am Macy’s nightmare.

Sidebar – Wes reads comics.  He couldn’t get any more perfect.

Truth.  This is a game that could get the best of us in trouble. 

“How do you win?” he asked

“That, “I said, “is such a boy question.”

So Wes reveals the reason he was sent to the Myers School, which was unfortunately a little uninspiring.  Drunken break and enter, yawn.  Macy reveals the truth about her relationship and break up with Jason.  Both needed to voice these admissions and it was nice that Truth allowed them to get to know one another better.  I like that he asked questions that made her break down Jason’s reasons for breaking up with her, allowing her to further see that it’s all on Jason, not her. 

Wes is dating a rehab con with a pot problem –NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

WOW I am still amazed that Macy told Wes about her fear of running.  The fact that she hadn’t told anyone about this fear shows how much of a burden it has been on her.  Voicing it is the first step to overcoming it.  Wes is like her personal medicine.  I wonder if Wes had walked with Macy in the wrong direction on purpose.  What do you think?

“Monica’s about sick, she’s almost inconsolable-”

This had me in hysterics.  So improbable.  I heart Kristy.

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