The Truth About Forever – Chapter 11

Kristy has involved Macy in her boy hijinks with the cover story of a sleepover.  Macy is so naive to think something like wouldn’t happen.

I love the image of all the girls peering out of the window, staring at the sweating, gleaming body of Wes on his nightly run.  Sa-woon.

“Good God…I’ve seen it a million times, but it never gets old.  Never.”

Is it bad to be jealous of a fictional character?

Kristy’s comparison of Wes and Macy’s friendship to the pining, eye-patching wearing characters of Forbidden is hilarious.  They pine, tucking their love away for another day.  It’s just so cliché and yet so true.

Sherman from Shreveport sounds like a wanker already.  The alliteration alone is disturbing.  Then we find out he’s ready to hurl and my suspicions are confirmed.  I feel concerned that Kristy is going out with them but proud that Macy said no.  I always find it weird that Kristy invited Macy to stay knowing the chances of Macy going with her were slim.  Sleeping over at someone’s house usually means the hosting friend is present.

Wes would have freaked me out too.  Surrounded by the magical garden would have flown me to another plane of existence.  I kept thinking Adam and Eve in paradise while they were standing there arguing over whether he scared her or not.  It’s the kind of ridiculous argument I have with my friends so I found it vastly amusing.

World of Waffles sounds like a calorie filled hours of absolute divine pleasure.  And then there were the waffles.  Snerk.  He gave her a maple scented, waffled decorated pencil – be still my beating heart.  That’s going straight to the memory shoebox!  It’s their first date (kinda) and I want to squee.

Hearing Wes talk about how his stupid decisions had cost him time with his dying mother was quite understated.  In a revelation like that you would often hearing soaring violins and what not, but I liked that it was stated as the truth rather than a ploy to garner sympathy. 

Macy’s realising that having shared her memories of that day, she can now remember more about her dad on other days, in other situations.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

The interrogation was uncomfortable to read.  Probably because we all have been in situations where parents have asked a series of questions, all too eager to jump on your first hesitation or incorrect answer.  I don’t miss that part of being a teenager at all.  Macy’s mother’s first action is to blame the Wish Catering crew for the breakup and Macy’s need for autonomy.  I really don’t like her mother.  This conversation is more about her embarrassment at being informed of her daughter’s life and her lack of control, rather than the wellbeing of her daughter.  She needs to get her head out of the sand pronto.  Yet there is an under current of sadness to the mother that stops me from hating her.  She’s just out of touch and I resent her for not attempting to listen.

More to come… I would not have been able to stuff it away in a closet.  I would want to know now.  Sigh.

3 thoughts on “The Truth About Forever – Chapter 11

  1. E. says:

    The Truth About Forever is, for me, Sarah Dessen at her best. It just slightly beats out This Lullaby. The scenes between Macy and Wes are just so varied and true in every way. One of my favorite scenes is when Kristy pulls out her romance novel with the bodice-ripping cover and proclaims Macy and Wes’s relationship to be “tragical.” There are just so many little things about this book that make me smilIe, from the syrup scented pencil to Bert to watching Wes running while shirtless…I almost wish that she would have a sequel so we could peek back into Macy’s world for awhile.

    I love your blog, by the way. And I can’t believe I didn’t know about its existence sooner.

  2. Adele says:

    Tragical – I believe I didn’t write that in the response. Oh well, different things grab us at different times.

    I too would love a sequel, maybe Monica based? I was originally thinking Kristy or Bert but I think Monica would be an interesting choice.

    So glad that you like it. I don’t get very many comments though I get lots of visitors. Thanks for taking the time to share, TTAF is one of my faves but currently I hold Just Listen as the top of the totem pole. Come June though, there could be a new pinnacle.

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