The Truth About Forever – Chapter 10

Macy’s mother needs to go to some sort of Work Rehab where patients learn to purge work from their systems and get back to basics.  It seems that she’s using work as a cork solution to all the grief, ager and sorrow building within her.  This will not end pretty.

Personally I wouldn’t want to go on vacation with Caroline and her mother.  It sounds like hell.

Wes and Macy being seen together at a party would be cause for staring.  She’s the good girl and he’s the bad boy to the outside world, it’s like seeing a kitten suckling a pig – weird.  I chuckled heartily at Sarah’s description of the crew at the party-

“…Kristy…trolled for extraordinary boys, [and] in Bert’s case, desperate freshman girls.”

Now that is just plain funny.  Poor Bert, he sounds like a young grandpa who’s slightly ‘off’.

Macy brings up Wes’ ‘sa-woon’ factor with the girl population.  I like that she chose to address it with him but it’s even more attractive to see that it doesn’t seem to affect him at all.  He’s more interested in her.  The conversation dissolves into their stereotypical position in the high school hierarchy and yet we all know that they are more than their labels. 

Macy calls him out on actually noticing the attention he receives from girls.  She gets him to admit it and the fact that it’s shallow and unreal.  Wes likes flaws.  Macy’s right, he’s more desirable now.

Kristy is at this party, sitting on the lap of a guy with dreadlocks.  Is that supposed to be Rogerson? Run, Kristy, run.

Kristy and Monica come to scope out Macy’s day job and I learn two things – 1) Monica is a bookworm and 2) Kristy has appointed herself Macy’s knight in shiny skirts.  I love that she confronts the stuffy girls at the desk over their attire and even better, their stinking attitudes.  I love how she deconstructs Macy’s intimidation by them by pointing out that they are unhappy.  She doesn’t care about what they think anymore.  Everyone needs a Kristy in their life.

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