Persnickety Snark



So I am totally excited about my “new” project. It’s called Persnickety Snark (summerises my personality whilst also sounding like Wolverine when he unsheaths his claws) and it’s a place where I can review other authors and perhaps interview a couple.  I am really excited about this as I love sharing my perspectives on pretty much everything.

It will be a collaborative site as my students (under my direction) and others will be contributing reviews of YA literature. I am planning on highlighting some Aussie authors, contemporary YA work and the good old classics. If you someone who loves reading the YA bloggers reviews but don’t have the time to run your own blog, then consider submitting a review of your own (200ish words).

I will also be creating an accompanying podcast where contributors can give their two cents worth.  I have already received some interest from other bloggers that you know and love. I have a person who will cover the comic and graphic novel side of things but what I really want is you!  It will be accessible via iTunes, the blog and another site and updated every two weeks. 

I am currently looking for ‘audio columnists or reviewers’ to commit to producing 2-3 mins once a month.  You can also think of contributing as a one-off, it can be a book that you are really passionate about or one that was a disappointment.  Think about recording a mp3/wav file (2-3 mins) giving your review of a YA novel and send it in. If you are iffy on the tech side, don’t worry, I can walk you through that.

If you have a great name suggestion for the podcast, please hit me with it. I am floundering a little on the creative naming.

I would love if you dropped by the new blog.  Currently there is only a single review (give me some time.)  I will continue to blog chapter responses here.  The two blogs will run co-currently.  Click on the banner to get to the new blog or click here.



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