The Truth About Forever – Chapter 8

Okay so I fell off the daily update train, I admit it.  I blame 30 Rock!

“All the better for naps!” my father would claim, just before falling asleep on the couch with his mouth open.

I think I love this man.  In fact, his words could be my mantra.  Napping is the supreme mark of decadence (in my mind anyway).  Caroline’s plan to dip her family’s big toe in the beach house /water was a great idea.  It made them see the state of disrepair the house was in and made them realise that distance from their beloved’s favourite place wasn’t necessarily the best thing.  Caroline is a master manipulator but it comes from a good place.

A stuffed moose head would also give me the creeps.

I find it interesting that Macy’s mother, despite showing a certain lack of interest in most of her daughter’s life, noticed the tank top straight away.  It seems that by being the good little girl, Jason’s right hand man, that Macy has become invisible in her mother’s eyes.  By doing things that are considered ‘off the beaten track’ aka normal teenage behaviour, Macy is actually seen.  What better reason for her to do what she wants. 

I love that the sisters had something in common with the discovery of Wes in the grocery store.  Checking out boys is a universal thing and Wes is universally sa-woon-worthy.  I think that it’s great that Caroline spurs her on to approach Wes.  Weirdly, I would find most guys stationing themselves in a store with a table of art to be a little, well icky.  And by icky I mean mama’s boy, butterfly collecting freak show.  But it’s Wes so I am willing to move on.

I laughed heartily at Caroline’s ability to make Wes’ sculpture into sophisticated commentary on the state of the world. 

He gifted her the sea glass sculpture and I sa-wooned myself.  I wanted to scream – he likes you!!!!


A Note from Adele

A new podcast episode is coming shortly.

I started My Sweet Audrina and am wondering already what VC Andrews was on.

I am working on a new project.  Keep an ear to the ground, all will be revealed soon.

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