The Truth About Forever – Chapter 6

Macy is being taught how to play Gotcha.  The idea of waiting in a coat closet in close proximity to the divine Wes sounds heavenly.  Even better they scare the dickens out of Bert, causing him to toss ass over ankles in fright.  Score one for Macy.  I love that Bert called Macy “one of us”, it’s nice to see her active rather than being an observer. 

It’s curious to hear that Gotcha is a result of the silence that followed their mother’s passing.  That the brothers used the silence as a means of scaring the bejesus out of each other, maybe temporarily forgetting their grief while acting like idiotic teenage boys.  It speaks to their ability to cope, making lemonade out of some pretty sucky lemons.  Even better I can imagine Jason deriding this activity because it serves no purpose.  I would argue that giggling and prank warfare is pretty entertaining and thus a valid pastime. 

I laughed out loud when they all realised that the hams were the responsibility of Delia.  I feel bad for the woman, I really do but she’s extended beyond what she’s capable at this point.  The crew seem incapable of getting their crap together and I fear for Delia’s blood pressure.  It would have to be in the rocket high range.

It is the status quo for chaos to trail the Wish Catering crew and something that Macy acclimatises to with relative ease.  Finding a weird peace with the swirling mass of forgotten foods, platter smashes and general bedlam, how does that end up being calming?  I need that kind of peace to sweep over me during report writing stress. 

I think what I like most about Wes is he’s calm, without being boring.  He’s around and gives Macy someone to share the moment with, even if it’s only a look.  A shared amused glance speaks volumes to me.  It indicates a shared understanding or humour that gets to the crux of things.  The people I get along in the most smashing way in the world are the ones I can communicate with via one single look, the raising of an eyebrow or the deepening of a dimple.

I like that Macy is working the library and catering job at the same time.  She touches on being two separate people.  And she is.  She’s leaving one foot in the past and one in the present trying each out the see which one fits.  She knows which one she wants to live in but the dread keeps that one foot stuck. 

I wish she’d let herself go out with them but I keep reminding myself…baby steps.

The truck is a jolting addition. I love Sarah’s comparison of the truck to a bubble that might burst upon contact.  So fragile and yet so simply worded.  Scent is such an evocative thing, the temptation to soak and breathe in as much of a person as you can is a universal thing.  Scents easily access memories and soothe a ragged heart.  I love that Macy smelt her father’s scent again.  It is understandable that Macy may think for a moment that her father had returned.  She’s processed his death but hope remains eternal.  I cannot help but blame Caroline for a second for giving her false hope. 

Caroline’s bad and it’s the addition of another element to remove the boring perfection of the Queen’s home lives.  It was a long time needed. Caroline is confronting the meaningless, organised order of their current lives.  At one point Macy mentions that her mother and herself are living for the future and I would disagree.  I think they are living in the present afraid to think too much about the future despite the home sales and SAT prep. 

I think Caroline’s idea of a joint task in rehabilitating the summer house is a great idea.  They are building something together, a common goal.  Creation, instead of survival.  I think this family needs to spend more time with one another so they really look at each other for once.  Confronting each other’s sadness instead of focusing on crumbs on a counter is pretty important in any progress they make towards a future. 

I loved hearing the stories about their dad.  It made him feel real.  This delightfully absent minded, laugh inducing man who’s time was too short was temporary alive in those stories.  I felt his loss deeply.  Caroline is undeniably the strong one.  She’s allowed her family to grieve in their own stilted way for eighteen months and then decided that there had been enough moping.  She’s right.  It is going to be okay, together they will make it so.

Linguni pesto sounds absolutely delish.  Much better than my cheese on toast.  Cheese shouldn’t be underrated ever but pesto sounds pretty darned good.  A revelation follows the pasta – she wasn’t going to be perfect and it was time to start living her life.  She’s going out on the town and I am absolutely delighted.


A Note from Adele

I hope you guys are proud.  I have blogging quite regularly for the last few weeks.  I am pretty pleased with myself.

I am recording up a podcasting storm at the moment so I am editing a lot too.  Today I recorded an episode where all the Fringe podcast hosts discussed the season so far and it was great fun.  But honestly I am more excited about the return of 3CM my geeky/girly podcast.  In the morning I am recording an episode all about Supernatural with Kim and Crystal and I cannot wait.  I hope you might check it out when it’s available for download.  I’ll keep you informed.

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